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Issue: Fenix (No. 6,  2019 - English only)
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Fenix (No. 6, 2019 - English only)
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From publisher blurb:

Welcome to an issue of Fenix where Destiny was at the center. The English material this time was a scenario by Pete Nash and an article about Dwarves, signed by Graeme Davis.

Omphalos’ Destiny: Article with scenariohooks for Mythras - In this issue Pete Nash introduces a predetermined place of interest for Monster Island.

Amongst the destitute and despairing who gather in the dark alleyways of Port Grimsand, a few fatalistic souls worship a dark deity, Vergamka, patriarch of all, inscriber of destiny. His cult members believe that all which happens is the result of their god, who has predetermined the lives of others in his infinite Book of Inevitabilities. The faithful however, seek Vergamka’s favour to be left outside the weave and skein of his foreordination.

A small shrine to the hooded scribe stands beside the sturdy Plaza Gates, its stone statue worn smooth by countless hands of those seeking good fortune as they depart the tenuous sanctuary of Grimsand into the deadly jungles. Whether the heartless god ever acknowledges their entreaties is beyond mortal ken. Yet one early morning, before the sweltering heat and humidity have struck, Player Characters passing by the shrine will be intercepted by a young woman dressed in voluminous robes.

Kassandrea claims to be a representative of dour Vergamka. She requests the heroes aid in locating a mystical stone, a thing of power called the Omphalos which existed before time began and which is said to stand somewhere in the hinterlands of Monster Island. If the characters were to stumble across Omphalos, she wishes to be told of its location; sincerely believing the rumours which ascribe to the primordial rock a most potent ability to change a person’s cosmic destiny... and thus undermine the implacable authority of Vergamka.

Despite her commission and promised reward, the Omphalos can only be located when the ‘stars are right’, or rather, when the Game Master determines it is time to be encountered. Moreover the Omphalos has no static location, but moves mystically through the jungle choked mountains according to some random itinerary, unascertained thus far by the handful of High Folk aware of the thing. Hints as to its current locale may be available from ‘the dwarf’ at the Dour Grotto... for the right price.

Dwarves: An article by Graeme Davis

In many fantasy settings, an elf is and elf and a dwarf is a dwarf. Some distinguish between high elves, wood elves, and dark elves, and some include variants on a particular race as monsters. Often, there is no explanation of how these variants are related to the main race: what history they share, what cultural values, and what ancient grudges. All of this can provide great roleplaying opportunities, and bring new depth to a fantasy setting.

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Issue: Fenix (No. 6,  2019 - English only)
Publisher: Åskfågeln
Year: 2020
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
9 pages
Size: Letter
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