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Dragon (Issue 68 - Dec 1982)
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Description Edit | History

Vol. VII No. 6 of Dragon Magazine. (This issue was misprinted as "Vol. VII No. 7")

Cover Art by Carl Lundgren.

This issue contained a special feature on Weather in the WORLD OF GREYHAWK, including a 3-page pull-out cardboard screen with some of the essential charts & tables.

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Pg. 3

The editor-in-chief\'s summary of this issue (see More Information for complete text).

Pg. 3
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

Letter: Language articles, \'A terrible waste\', Illusionist ideas, \'The nature of faith\', and Spell books

Pg. 4
Featured Creatures

Fungoid monsters for your campaign: the Ascomoid, Basidirond, and Phycomid.

Pg. 7
Be a two-fisted fighter

An expansion of the rules on using two weapons during combat from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon

Pg. 11
GEN CON Miniature Open winners

The winners of the miniature painting competition at GEN CON XV with photos by Dan Sample.

Pg. 14
Up, up and away: A classic game soars to new heights

A review of the 7th edition of Dawn Patrol from TSR, originally titled Fight in the Skies by Mike Carr.

Pg. 16
Beg, Borrow or Steal? Six ways to aid Cal Arath's cash flow

Variant rules for the Barbarian Prince solo minigame from Dwarfstar.

Pg. 18
Thrills and Chills: Ice Age Adventures

Setting up a primitive campaign in the Pleistocene Epoch. Painting by Kim Gromoll. (Suggested reading \'\'Clan of

Pg. 24
From the Sorceror's Scroll: Be the first to cast these new high level spells

28 magic-user spells of levels 5-9 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; levels 1-4 published in previous

Pg. 29
Castles by Carroll I: Neuschwanstein

Painting and description of a Bavarian castle built by \"Mad\" King Ludwig to inspire your games.

Pg. 30
Leomund's Tiny Hut: The Cloistered Cleric

A \"non-adventuring\" cleric NPC for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 36
What's that in the Water?

Updated aquatic random monster encounter tables incorporating creatures from the Fiend Folio, plus detailed

Pg. 42
Weather in the World of Greyhawk

A climate system for realistic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventuring adaptable for use in your world,

Pg. 60
Gaming by mail can be nice - if you're willing to pay the price

The pros and cons of Play-by-Mail games, and a list of the major games in play as of 1982.

Pg. 63
The Deities & Demigods of the World of Greyhawk

Gods of Greyhawk: Celestian, Fharlanghn, Ehlonna, Pholzus, & Tritheron for Advanced Dungeons &

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More Information Edit | History

From the editor-in-chief's description of the issue:

Mark Twain, a fantasy writer of a different sort from a different time, once remarked that "Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." Well, an ingenious and energetic DM by the name of David Axler has done something about it. The special inclusion in this month's issue of DRAGON Magazine is Dave's system for generating weather conditions in an AD&D environment, using the WORLD OF GREYHAWK Fantasy Supplement as the basis for his figures. The system has been examined by E. Gary Gygax, the man who created the AD&D game and the Greyhawk campaign, and has received his stamp of approval. Even if your campaign isn't set in the world of Oerth, the formulas and statistics in Dave's system are easily adaptable to other adventuring environments. Stapled into the center of this 100-page issue is a three-page foldout section containing some of the essential charts and tables for the system, designed to be stood up and used as a screen to keep the information in front of the DM and away from the prying eyes of players.

Weather also plays a major part in another of this month's features. "Thrills and Chills" by Arthur Collins is an in-depth examination of what it would be like to conduct an AD&D adventure in the Ice Age; no metal armor, no towns, no "modern" conveniences - not much of anything except caves, cold, and plenty of challenges for characters.

When the FIEND FOLIO Tome was published, it did not include encounter tables for aquatic environments. Mark Harcourt has rectified that situation with "What's that in the Water?" The article offers a complete set of tables, plus descriptions of some monsters that don't have separate listings in the books.

Official new magic-user spells of levels 5-9, supplementing the lower-level spells described in our last issue, make up this month's edition of From the Sorceror's Scroll. Other articles from the pen (or, more accurately, the typewriter) of Mr. Gygax are the second installment of Deities & Demigods of Greyhawk and a trio of formidable fungi that are this month's Featured Creatures.

A quick flip through these pages will show that this is the most colorful issue we've put out in a long time. Of special note are photographs of some of the top entries in this year's GEN CON Miniatures Open, and the opening installment of "Castles by Carroll," wherein artist Mike Carroll offers illustration and information about the mysterious stronghold known as Neushwanstein. We hope the feature will inspire the creation of distinctive castles for your campaign - and maybe it wouldn't be a bad place to spend the winter, if you can afford the heating bill... - KM

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First Edition
Year: 1982
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
96 pages
Size: Letter
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