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Vol. VII No. 8 of Dragon Magazine.

Cover Art by Dean Morrissey.

This issue contained MECHICA - A new AD&D adventure

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An open letter...

Updates on: Dungeon Design Contest, writers\' guidelines, and reader-submitted computer programs.

Pg. 3

The editor-in-chief\'s summary of this issue (see More Information for complete text).

Pg. 3
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

Letters: Tides and rivers, Other games, Staples and cards, and Day and Night.

Pg. 5
The Smith: Test the metal of this NPC

A new human-only non-player character class for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 8
The hull truth about speed: Larger ships make faster frigates

Why larger ships should be faster, and the \'best speed\' for a boat of any given length.

Pg. 11
From the Sorceror's Scroll - Social status and birth tables: New for AD&D play

Tables for social status in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, later printed in Imagine (Issue 11 - Feb 1984) and

Pg. 12
From the Sorceror's Scroll - A 'caste' of realistic characters

\'Building role-playing possibilities on a social structure\' in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 13
From the Sorceror's Scroll - Falling Damage

A correction of an error in the Player\'s Handbook for falling damage in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, making

Pg. 14
Giants can be awful or awe-ful

How to use the legendary figures from \"Giants in the Earth\" in your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Pg. 20
The Deities & Demigods of the World of Greyhawk

Gods of Greyhawk: Boccob, Zagyg, and Olidammara for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 24
Figure Feature: Knights

First in a series looking at miniature figurines for role-playing. Photos by Schiebe Studio.

Pg. 27
Dwarves in Space

Converting elements of your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game to a TRAVELLER adventure, including a

Pg. 30
Castles by Carroll III: Jericho

Artwork and description of the ancient walled city of Jericho.

Pg. 31
A Second Volley: Taking another shot at firearms, AD&D style

A sequel to \"Firearms\" from Dragon #60 discussing \'small arms which developed from the handgun\' for

Pg. 35

An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 5-8 characters of 4th-7th level, designed to introduce characters

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From the editor-in-chief's description of the issue:

The roots of fantasy role-playing are planted in the soil of northern European culture, but that doesn't mean your campaign can't branch out to explore other climates and other social systems. That fact illustrates the secondary purpose behind our publication of MECHICA, this month's special feature. (The primary purpose is for you to have fun!) DMs and players alike should find it interesting, to say the least, to deal with a situation and a society that aren't typical of the circumstances in which most FRP adventures take place.

MECHICA is not the only "un-typical" element in this issue; just in case any of you faithful readers were starting to think we were getting predictable, the articles you'll find inside should shoot that theory full of holes. On that topic, check out "A Second Volley," contributing editor Ed Greenwood's further examination of primitive firearms that might be adapted into an AD&D milieu - if both the DM and the players are very careful how they're used.

Ed's other offering is "The Smith," a new NPC born from the opinion that humans ought to be able to work with metal as well as dwarves can - if they specialize in the craft and work long and hard at their anvils.

As a counterpoint to that opinion, our other contributing editor, Roger Moore, figured that humans shouldn't have a monopoly on interstellar exploration, and he came up with "Dwarves in Space," some thoughts on how to combine aspects of the AD&D and TRAVELLER game systems - including suggestions for translating dwarves into TRAVELLER terminology. Roger came back down to earth, in a manner of speaking, to offer some general guidelines for incorporating characters from our Giants in the Earth series into a campaign.

From the Sorceror's Scroll is made up of three short sections. First, E. Gary Gygax reveals to all you Good Readers the social-status and birth tables that will be a part of the AD&D expansion volume; then Frank Mentzer takes a more philosophical look at the subject of social structure within a campaign; and, last but not least, Frank provides an explanation, as we promised last month, of how the AD&D rules for falling damage are supposed to work. It may come as a surprise, but it sure is realistic.

Also in the realism department this month is "The hull truth about speed," a short essay by Bruce Evry that attempts to prove why (contrary to the DMG), large ships should move faster than small ones. And you can't get much more "real" than Ken Rolston's long look at how to succeed - or at least have a good time trying - the next time you enter a fantasy role-playing tournament. - KM

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Issue: Dragon (Issue 70 - Feb 1983)
Softcover magazine
Year: 1983
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
80 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
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