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In this month's issue;

  • Victory at Sea: Bandits at Six O’Clock

A comprehensive list of World War aircraft for the ever popular naval wargame. It even has aircraft from the Swedish air force!

  • Victory at Sea: Iron Thunder

More ships for the American Civil War variant of the game. Includes the USS Monitor and CSS Stonewall.

  • Battlefield Evolution: United States Air Force

Make your enemies quake with the thought of the dreaded Desert Hawk UAV entering the battlefield. Oh, and F-22 Raptors and A10-C Thunderbolts make an appearance as well.

  • Hawkmoon: The Icthus of Life

Part three of the epic Hawkmoon scenario. Featuring monks and zombies with dirty habits.

  • Babylon 5: The Thieves’ Guild

The organisation that controls almost all crime throughout the stars, as seen through human eyes. You didn’t think they just picked pockets, did you?

  • RuneQuest: Of Protean Form

Shapechanging magic for the RuneQuest game,

  • Nephandum: Savage Fury

One of the twelve new prestige classes featured in the OGL Nephandum book, and it’s a doozy.

  • Conan: The People of the Felt Walls

Hyrkanians - you would not wish to mess with these horse nomads. Now you can throw them at your players with even more unexpected twists.

  • Spycraft: Earthbound

A complete scenario for the Spycraft game. Prevent the rogue east African state launching its new rocket, one that could have global consequences with its ICBM capabilities!

  • RuneQuest: Combat

More rules for running combat in RuneQuest - introducing ways for the more heroic types to cut through swathes of mooks.

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Pg. 1
Pg. 5
The Battlefield Is Evolving

A look at the Battlefield Evolution system

Pg. 8
Design Workshop

A Semi-Regular Column Looking at Game Design: here looking at Carriers in A Call to Arms

Pg. 9
Bandits at Six O'Clock

Expanded aircraft rules for Victory at Sea, including major and minor powers

Pg. 22
Iron Thunder

American Civil War naval action using Victory at Sea: Part 3 - Fleet Lists continued

Pg. 29
The United States Air Force

Part two of a new army list for Battlefield Evolution

Pg. 34
Extinction Protocol

Science fiction comic

Pg. 41
The Ichthus of Life

Part three of a scenario for Hawkmoon the Roleplaying Game

Pg. 54
The Thieves' Guild

Welcome to the seedier side of the Babylon 5 Space Station...

Pg. 62
Of Protean Form

Shapeshifting magic for Runequest

Pg. 70
Extreme Fantasy: Nephandum

Cosmic terror looms over your campaign in a book rich in artwork and atmosphere, fully compatible with any d20

Pg. 73
The People of the Felt Walls

Hyrkanian Steppe nomads

Pg. 79

A Spycraft 2.0 mission

Pg. 95
Combat and Non-Player Characters

An alternate combat system for NPCs in RuneQuest

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