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In this issue:

  • Branding Belle

Mongoose editor Richard Ford has penned a short tale of brutality and ruthlessness to accompany the release of OGL Wild West. To get your own inspiration you only have to turn on your TV - it’s still the most popular film genre of all time!

  • Way of the Fist

Sort of like Bruce Lee meets Babylon 5. We introduce expanded rules for incorporating Mutari into your Babylon 5 games, with some great new feats for all the major races. The next time some peace loving Minbari lectures you about your behaviour, you can hit him with a Stagger and Sway move or perhaps a Stonehead Strike. Mind you, he might be an Instinctual student, in which case you may be in a spot of bother yourself!

  • Creature Feature - Oozes

The return of our popular occasional series on new monsters brings a selection of oozes for your delectation. Johnathan M. Richards is determined to expand your understanding of these piles of sludge. Meet the Aquatic Pudding, the Inebriator Jelly and a bucket load more.

  • How It All Began

Part 2 of Gary Gygax’s exclusive look back on the foundation of roleplaying. Any serious student of roleplaying will be fascinated to read what the hobby’s godfather has to reveal about how the hobby began.

  • The Bandit

A brand new character class variant for Conan the Roleplaying Game. This is the land version of a pirate, but he’s no dashing Robin Hood type. Hyborian bandits steal from the rich, then steal from the poor as well before selling their children into slavery. But what do you care? Think of all the gold you can spend carousing and wenching in the bordellos of Shadizar or the harems of Aghrapur!

  • Mighty Armies Reinforcements

This month Matthew Sprange encourages you to expand your horizon, by trying out your Mighty Armies forces in a siege or even a full-blown campaign. The perfect introduction for the new Wild Elves army, I’d say. Time to put those Orcs and Barbarians to the sword!

  • Birthday Surprise

This appropriately titled graphic story is actually from the devastated world of Armageddon: 2089. No other clues though, or we might ruin the story.

  • Going Underground - Philadelphia

Part 2 of our series about the Mega-City One Undercity for Judge Dredd takes us to the mean streets of Philly - only now they are even meaner, with troggies and their ilk hiding around every corner. Don’t worry, though. The brand new Undercity Guide prestige class will make sure you don’t get too lost.

  • What’s In A Name?

Part 2 of this series on Hyborian names turns its attention to the residents of Argos and Cimmeria. Now you don’t have to call every barbarian you meet Conan. Hmm, Brian the Cimmerian - it could happen!

  • Something Fishy This Way Comes

The scenario in this issue focuses on the carnival - fantasy style of course. Try your hand at throwing knives at helpless women, try barefist boxing, look at the Gallery of Aberrance or possibly even attempt to complete the plot. The choice is yours. Watch out for Del’Rey the Magnificent though...oh, and Tommi Two-Axe.

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Pg. 1

The editor talks of the past 12 months, the future, and Mongoose Publishing\'s mascot.

Pg. 2
Eye on Mongoose

New Releases This Month.

Pg. 5
The Big Mongoose Questionaire

Questionaire on Mongoose products and reader prefrences.

Pg. 8
Branding Belle

A Wild West short story.

Pg. 13
Write for the Mongoose

Mongoose Publishing Writer Guidelines.

Pg. 14
Way of the Fist

New Martial Arts rules for the Babylon 5 game.

Pg. 22
Creature Feature: Choose an Ooze or Two to Use!

New monsters for D20 games.

Pg. 30
How It All Began

The inspiration for the D&D game, its creation, GenCon\'s Founding. How TSR came into being, and its early

Pg. 32
The Bandit

A new 20 level base class for the Conan RPG.

Pg. 35
Might Armies: Siege!

Siege battles in Mighty Armies.

Pg. 36
Mighty Armies: The Long War

Complete campaign rules for Mighty Armies.

Pg. 38
Birthday Surprise

Teaser for new graphic novels.

Pg. 44
Going Underground

The Geography of the Undercity part 2 Philadelphia

Pg. 50
Inside the Chainmail Bra

Am I infatuated with Elves? asks Fey Boss

Pg. 52
What's in a name?

Name tables for the Conan RPG. Argossean and Cimmerean

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