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Description Edit | History

Vol. IV No. 11 of Dragon Magazine, then called "The Dragon."

Cover Art by Darlene (Darlene Pekul).

This issue included a module "The Pit of The Oracle" listed as pages M-1 to M-16.

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Pg. 0
The Pit of The Oracle

A module for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, which was the second-place winner in the first International Dungeon

Pg. 1
Cover to Cover

The first \'issue description\' from the new assistant editor.

Pg. 2
Dragon Rumbles

The departure of Tim Kask from The Dragon, new additons to the staff, and an answer to the questions about content

Pg. 3
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

From the titles of the letters: \'Realism 101\', \'Realism 102\', \'Semantics 201\', \'Age of Players\',

Pg. 4
From the City of Brass to Dead Orc Pass In one small step

The theory and use of gates.

Pg. 6
That's not in the Monster Manual!

Neutral Dragons: Six new challenges for powerful players in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 8
City Campaigns

Two linked articles: \"Step-by-step system for urban encounters\" and \"Cities can help make

Pg. 10
From The Sorcerer's Scroll

Greyhawk: The shape of the world; news about upcoming products including the World of Greyhawk set and several

Pg. 12
Sage Advice

Q&A about Dungeons & Dragons/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 13
Minarian Legends

The History of Elfland; background for Divine Right.

Pg. 14
Simulation Corner

The development of dice, tables, and combat resolution.

Pg. 16
Leomund's Tiny Hut

\"Presenting...The Monties!\"; The Monty Haul pantheon, based on James Ward\'s tales in previous Dragon

Pg. 17
The Miniature Spotlight

Long Lance; how to make lances and spears for 25mm figures.

Pg. 18
Up on a Soap Box

Magical Systems: Rationale and Reconciliation.

Pg. 19
Armies of the Renaissance

Part VI: Landsknecht and Reiters. The development of a force of infantry to oppose the swiss in 1490 by Joachim

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More Information Edit | History

Editor's Content Summary:

This month's kaleidoscopic cover comes to us from the talented Darlene Pekul, and serves as your first look at "Jasmine", Darlene's fantasy adventure strip, which makes its debut in this issue. The story she's unfolding promises to be a good one; stay tuned.

Holding down the middle of the magazine is The Pit of The Oracle, an AD&D game module created by Stephen Sullivan. It was the second-place winner in the first International Dungeon Design Competition, and after looking it over and playing through it, we think you’ll understand why it placed so high. Also helping to make May a special month is Mapping the Dungeons II Update, the last word (for now) in our ongoing search for players and DMs the world over.

In another debut, we're opening up Eye of The Dragon, a look at what's happening now and what the future holds in the game-hobby industry—another big step in the right direction, as TD strives to cover all aspects of gaming and the people involved in it.

Instead of one main feature this month, we have three. From the City of Brass to Dead Orc Pass is Ed Greenwood's literary look at the use of gates to move from plane to plane. If you'd rather stay right where you are and battle some new dragons, then Arthur Collins' article will fill the bill. Or, if a more "civilized" campaign is your cup of tea, Jeff Swycaffer and Paul Leathers present ways to make an urban atmosphere more exciting.

There are the usual batch of regular columns inside, led off by Gary Gygax's glimpse at the soon-to-be-released (yes, really!) World of Greyhawk in From the Sorcerer's Scroll. Just in time for Origins '80. John Prados looks at the Charles Roberts Awards in his Simulation Corner. Instead of more Giants in the Earth this month, Lawrence Schick and Tom Moldvay provide a look at how their offerings are prepared. Lenard Lakofka presents The Monties, certainly an ungodly group of deities, in Leomund's Tiny Hut. Divine Right designer G. Arthur Rahman continues the Minarian Legends with an examination of Elfland. Jean Wells has more answers to your questions in Sage Advice. Fantasysmith's Miniature Spotlight takes a short look at the long lance, and Kristan Wheaton goes Up On A Soapbox with a thesis on the theory of magic. A trio of new treasures awaits you in Bazaar of the Bizarre, and the Vulturehound is lurking in Dragon's Bestiary.

And there's more! Bryan Bullinger offers number two in his series of Squad Leader scenarios. Tim Jones shows how hard he thinks it ought to be to develop a new magic spell. Colleen Bishop presents an appropriate companion piece on Libraries, and F. C. MacKnight describes a complex combat system for his hybrid game based on Lankhmar. Nick Nascati takes us back in the past once again with another installment of Armies of the Renaissance.

Pg. 1
First Edition
Year: 1980
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
72 pages
Size: Letter
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