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Description Edit | History

Cover Art: Artist James Holloway aptly penned his rendition of a celebration over our 100th issue. The Network member who creates the most interesting AD&D Game NPC from among the characters pictured will win the original piece of art. Deadline: December 15, 1994. Best of luck! (from the contents page)

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Pg. 2
Notes From HQ - A Thirty-Two Page Milestone

The editor looks back at the history of the RPGA, with many thanks to the devoted fans.

Pg. 4
Lightning Strike: The Shadow of a New War

A hoax? Or a message crucial to the survival of the Armies of the Lance?

Pg. 5
The Tyaonon Ranger: A Fast Ship for STAR WARS Campaigns

The previous owner was an old Sullustan who flew it only on holidays. Yeah, that\'s the ticket.

Pg. 6
The Analects of Sigil: The Five Citadels of the PLANESCAPE Setting

What\'s to lose if you visit citadels of the inner planes?

Pg. 8
Cult Of The Great Hunter: A Menace for the Earthdawn Setting

A new menace for FASA\'s Earthdawn setting arises.

Pg. 9
Gorlash Spacescum: A Villain For SPELLJAMMER Campaigns

Let this villain for the SPELLJAMMER setting muscle his way into your game.

Pg. 10
The Tower of Gold: A Short Adventure For The AL-QADIM Setting

Try this adventure for a glorious quest in the Land of Fate for up to 6 characters of any level.

Pg. 12
Insect Labs Incorporated: an Update for the AMAZING ENGINE KROMOSOME Universe

Some organizations are so efficient they can\'t be allowed to exist.

Pg. 14
Conspire To Succeed: New Professions for Dark Conspiracy Players

New career templates for GMs to insert into their DARK CONSPIRACY campaigns: Genre Writer, Institutionalized,

Pg. 16
A Squid's-Eye-View of the MYSTARA Game World

A mind flayer\'s peek at Mystara is a study of magic and twists of fate.

Pg. 20
Kre-Ketrac: A Psionic Item for the DARK SUN Campaign Setting

An item from Athas\' past is unearthed in the recent cataclysm.

Pg. 22
Crimebuster: A Hero for the Champions Game

Take a glance at a modern superhero with all the charm and sensibilities of the Golden Age.

Pg. 24
Arms Against the Dragonlords: Magical Weapons for the Heroes of Krynn

These powerful new weapons can be used against the forces of darkness on the world of Krynn: Pathfinder

Pg. 26
Shadowrun Archetypes: Adding Characters to FASA's Cyber-Fantasy Game

Add some character to your next Shadowrun game: the Physical Adept; includes NPC/sample character John

Pg. 28
Pumpkin-Charley: A Tale for the RAVENLOFT Setting

Weird! Weird! Weird!

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Pg. 1
Print Edition
Year: 1994
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
32 pages
Size: 8.00 x 11.00 inches
0.20 pounds
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