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Description Edit | History

From the publisher's announcement:

The premier fanzine for the old-school renaissance rolls on, jam-packed with 88 pages of fantastic content Features an interview with Dave Arneson, co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons game, as well as articles from Steve Marsh, Vincent Baker, Patrick Farley, Geoffrey O Dale, Gabor Lux, Kesher, Calithena, Jeff Rients, James Maliszewski, Victor Raymond, Andrew Reyes, Kevin Mayle, and many, many more! This issue features four full adventures - including a long one for the original Empire of the Petal Throne game - new fantasy worlds, monsters, magic, rules, character options, NPCs, maps, tables, and many other things you crave to bring your fantasy adventures to life on the tabletop Come unlock your imagination, and keep Fighting On!

Table of Contents:
Dedication to Dave Arneson 1
The Tower of Birds (Gabor Lux) 3
The Devil’s in the Details (Kesher) 6
The Penguin as Player Character (Patrick Farley) 8
The Dragon-Blooded (Calithena) 12
Knights & Knaves (Karen Collins) 13
The Monster Machine (Vincent Baker) 14
The Darkness Beneath (Hackman) 19
Tables for Fables (Age of Fable) 26
The Seven Swords (Jacob “Badelaire” Boucher) 27
Shields Shall Be Splintered (J Brian Murphy) 28
Panicked Mounts and Falls (Geoffrey O Dale) 30
The Entourage Approach (David Bowman) 31
Ye Olde Magic Shoppe (Jeff Rients) 32
Unusual & Magical Spirits (Max Davenport) 35
Random Inn Generator (James Edward Raggi IV) 36
Adventure Flowchart (Dan Eldredge) 44
Education of a Magic User (Douglas Cox) 45
The Outdoor Map (James Maliszewski) 46
The Wilderness Architect (Victor Raymond) 52
Barbarian Magic Items (Baz Blatt) 58
Handgonnes & Cannons (L William Schneider) 59
The First Dungeon Adventure (Greg Svenson) 60
Dave Arneson, Blackmoor, & Me! (Robert Lionheart) 62
Interview with Dave Arneson 63
The Red Gem of High Cartography (Edsan) 64
The Magic of Mistworld (Steve Marsh) 82
Oceanian Legends (Del L Beaudry) 84
Finish the City! (Andrew Reyes) 86
Creepies & Crawlies (Jeff Rients) 87
Artifacts, Adjuncts, and Oddments (Gabor Lux) 88

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Pg. 1
Dedication to Dave Arneson
Pg. 3
The Tower of Birds

Introduction: Deep in the Desert of Regulator and half a day\'s march from the ancient road of great stone blocks

Pg. 6
The Devil’s in the Details

Welcome to the second installment of a series designed to help you add just a touch of individuality to campaign

Pg. 8
The Penguin as Player Character

a new race by Patrick Farley

Pg. 12
The Dragon-Blooded

a new racial modifier by Calithena

In many games people like to play characters descended from dragons. I allow

Pg. 13
Knights & Knaves

Player character profiles:
Reyth Ravenswing, Princess of Dragons
Manx Shearwater, Corsair Captain

Pg. 14
The Monster Machine

This is a tool for creating your own unique, thematically- linked monsters. It works by unnaturally combining two

Pg. 19
The Darkness Beneath: Level 1: The Upper Caves

The upper caves of this dungeon lie just beneath the surface (low level, etc.). They are intended for low-level

Pg. 26
Tables for Fables

What are the Monsters Doing? (3d3)
Major Dungeon Locations (2d3)

Pg. 27
The Seven Swords

Each of these weapons is a powerful magic item, but they probably aren\'t game-breakers, and acquiring just one

Pg. 28
Shields Shall Be Splintered

With my houserule, you get the usual benefit to your armour score with a shield. However, any time you take

Pg. 30
Panicked Mounts and Falls

Rules to expand on mounted combat

Pg. 31
The Entourage Approach

The Entourage Approach is a set of optional campaign rules in which each player is charged with developing an

Pg. 32
Ye Olde Magic Shoppe

New magic items:
Pipeweed of Judicious Contemplation
Warlock\'s Wand
Stogies of Stench Warding

Pg. 35
Unusual & Magical Spirits

Leaf and Anvil Ale
Sprucebeard Ale

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More Information Edit | History

Aaron Kesher has cleaned up and released the tables from his Devil's in the Details columns as free PDFs. See his designer entry for a link.

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