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Description Edit | History

Vol. VII No. 2 of Dragon Magazine.

Cover Art by Tim Hildebrandt.

This issue featured PLANET BUSTERS - a game for 2-4 spacemen by Tom Wham and Jim Ward. The victory conditions for the game were accidently left out, and were printed on pg. 3 of the next issue, #65.

Articles Relationship: Articles
Pg. 1 of 2 » 2
Pg. 2
Dragon Rumbles

The collapse of SPI, TSR\'s acquisition of their titles, and a description of the issue by Kim Mohan (see more

Pg. 3
Out on a Limb
Reader/Fan Mail

Letters: \'Of little worth\', \'Incomplete\', \'Thanks to all\', \'Highest quality\'.

Pg. 6
From The Sorceror's Scroll: New weapons from another "great mind"

A list of new \"official\" weapons for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Pg. 10
Featured Creatures: Official AD&D monsters for your campaign

All about the Planetars and Solars, divine servants of the deities of the Upper Outer Planes for Advanced Dungeons

Pg. 13
Greyhawk's World: News, Notes and Views of the Greyhawk Campaign

Errata for nonhuman deities from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Deities & Demigods, plus the xvart deity,

Pg. 15
Giants in the Earth

Classic Heroes From Fiction & Literature: Tanith Lee\'s MYAL LEMYAL, American folklore\'s JOHN HENRY, &

Pg. 19
Sage Advice

Q&A about opening doors; climbing walls; two-class characters; followers; spell use for Bards, Druids,

Pg. 24
The Assassins' Guild

An organization to keep your assassin players in line and in business, and give support to your NPC assassins in

Pg. 30
You haven't lived until you've done The Assassins' Run

A training ground for Assassins built by the former Thieves\' Guild of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms for

Pg. 37
Planet Busters

A science-fiction boardgame Planet Busters for 2-4 players: \"It is the far distant future. The planets

Pg. 46
ROBOTS: Mechanical sidekicks for TRAVELLER players

Creating robots, androids and computerized companions as NPCs in Traveller.

Pg. 54
The Next-to-Last Mistake

A tale of love, revenge and chess at a renaissance fair.

Pg. 61
Why gamers get together

70 ways conventions help the hobby and those who keep the hobby healthy.

Pg. 66
Championship Sumo Wrestling

A short, simple mini-game simulating Japanese wrestling.

Pg. 68
Convention schedule

A list of the conventions held from Aug. to Oct. \'82.

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More Information Edit | History

From the editor-in-chief's description of the issue:

Return visits from a couple of old friends are the highlights of issue #64 of DRAGON Magazine. You've already seen the beautiful bronze cover painting by Tim Hildebrandt, whose artwork first graced our pages fifteen issues ago. In the middle of this issue is our first game from Tom Wham in a year and a month: PLANET BUSTERS, designed by Tom and Jim Ward, a way to conquer the solar system and have fun at the same time. May you never run out of fuel on the way to Jupiter...

Speaking of return visits, some of the words in From the Sorceror's Scroll may seem very familiar, because we printed an article on new weapons for AD&D play in issue #61. When Gary Gygax saw that, he hastened to provide all you Gentle Readers with an official list of weapons destined for inclusion in the upcoming AD&D expansion volume. Some of the names are the same as in the first article, but in many cases that's where the similarity ends. Gary's contributions to #64 also include a couple of new Featured Creatures, the solar and the planetar, and a description of Raxivort, the xvart that all other xvarts look up to, in this month's installment of Greyhawk's World.

It's about time we paid some attention to those masters of mayhem, the assassins; at least that's what the anonymous letter we got the other day told us. So, without further ado (which could be hazardous to someone's health), we present laws for an assassin's guild, drawn up by Elizabeth Cerritelli and Lynda Bisson, plus a nasty obstacle course designed by contributing editor Ed Greenwood called The Assassin's Run.

Can we give you two games in one issue? Sure we can, as long as the second one is only a page long. The next time you've got a few honorable minutes to spare, get out some dice and try out Brian Blume's Championship Sumo Wrestling.

Gaming conventions play an important role in our hobby, a role you might appreciate more after reading Ken Rolston's essay on the subject. And you might not appreciate the meaning of the title of "The Next-to-Last Mistake" until you get to the next to last page of that story - but it's worth waiting... - KM

Pg. 1
Vol. VII, No. 2
Year: 1982
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
82 pages
Size: Letter
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