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Task Force Four Designer's Notes
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The designer's response to reviews in this issue and designer's notes for Task Force Games microgames: Starfire, Asteroid Zero-Four, Cerberus: The Proxima Centauri Campaign, and Star Fleet Battles.

  • States that Cerberus "has been the least commercially successful of the first four games [published by Task Force Games]."
    • Still made a profit
    • Sold twice as well as JagdPanther Publications's best-selling game (Stephen V. Cole owned both JagdPanther and Task Force Games).
    • Didn't sell well partly because "science fiction fans don't care for strategic ground combat and strategic ground combat fans don't care for science fiction."
  • Three complete sequels to Cerberus were created, but "languish in the files" because sales of the original game were low.
    • Cole would like to publish "them all in a boxed format... with a strategic link game."