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The Book of Drastic Resolutions: The Cult of Kyger Litor
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A 12-page supplement to this issue of Drastic Resolutions; describes the cult of Kyger Litor, including mythos and history, cult distribution, cult organization, cult beliefs, rituals and holy days, Initiate membership, Mothers (acolytes), Karrg’s Sons (Rune Lords), Great Mothers (shamanesses), Kyger Litor divine spells, subservient cults, Sacred Ancestors, Sacred Ancestor divine spells, hero cults, associate cults, and ancestor worship. Includes The Good Son: Some Thoughts about Male Uz. Also includes a history of the cult writeup and supplemental material. Describes a new common skill, Geneology. Includes a genealogical chart for Kyger Litor’s descendants, the “report of a spirit journey by a shaman of Whalebone Island”, a description of the Burning Prison, a curse of the Aranea cult, and a description of Uz and death. Also includes The Only Old One Speaks: On Karrg’s Sons.