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Short reviews of 26 RPG source packs and magazines, including Commando, Questkania 2, Heart of Oak (volume 1 of Tradition of Victory), Promotions and Prizes (volume 2 of Tradition of Victory), Encounter Cards, The Universal Fantasy Supplement, City Building, Referee Map Modules: Set No. 1, Artifact Cards: Set No. 1, High Fantasy (First Edition), Fortress Ellendar, Sigma Omega, Alien Space Battle Manual, Gem Colored Polyhedra Dice, Painting Fantasy Miniatures, The Arduin Grimoire Volume 1, Arduin Dungeon #2: The Howling Tower, Arduin Dungeon #3: The Citadel of Thunder, Annihilator/One World, Hot Spot, Starfleet Battles, Swordquest, The Creature That Ate Sheboygen, Stargate, Titan Strike!, and Vector 3.