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W Fraser Sandercombe Presents: No Quite Human
The Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Cthulhu & Co For Icons
Jason Moser Presents: Starship of Fortune
Joe Gibbons Presents: Last of the Old Lords
The Manual of Mutants & Monster: Mummy
Earl Geier Presents: Demon in a Tree
Eric Lofgren Presents: Smug Fighter
Supernatural Supers & Metahumn Mystics: Created Archetype
W Fraser Sandercombe Presents: Mallard in the Round
Rogue Mage RPG: Conjure Ink
Jason Moser Presents: Shaodw God and the Age of Kings
Jon Gibbons Presents: The Gate
Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics: Crusader Archetype
Earl Geier Presents: Portrait Collection 2
Eric Lofgren Presents: Hook Horror Versus Dwarf