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Reviews “The Castle Guide” for AD&D (TSR), “Legends and Lore” for AD&D (TSR), “Aliens” boardgame (Leading Edge Games),”Aliens Expansion” (LEG), “The Stormrider” for Ars Magica (White Wolf), “Alien Enemies” for Champions (Hero Games/Ice Crown Enterprises), “The Olympians” for Champions (HG/ICE), the “Corps” RPG (Blacksburg Tactical Research Center), “GURPS Martial Arts” for GURPS (Steve Jackson Games), “Starship Operator’s Manual” for Megatraveller (Digest Group Publications), “Twilightcycle: 2000” for Paranoia (West End Games), “Rifts Sourcebook” for Rifts (Palladium Books), “RoleMaster Character Records” for RoleMaster (Ice Crown Enterprises), “RoleMaster Heroes and Rogues” for Rolemaster (ICE), “Swordtag II” for Swordtag (Adventurers’ Guild), “Miniatures Battles” for Star Wars: The RolePlaying Game (West End Games), “Rogue Mistress” for Stormbringer (Chaosium), “Deck 1: The Path of Horror” for Storypaths (White Wolf), and “Deck 2: The Path of Intrigue” for Storypaths (WW).