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Short reviews of: A Resection of Time, Arcane Mysteries of Barsaive, Black Ops, Clanbook: Cappadocian, Extreme Vengeance, First Survey, GURPS Robtos Second Edition, Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates, In Nomine Game Master Pack, Middle Earth: The Wizards Dark Minions Players Guide, Milieu 0, Nasty, Brutish and Short, No Disintegrations, Northern Republic Record Sheets, Northern Vehicles Compendium 1: Gears and Striders, Nuwisha, Operation Elrood, Southern Republick Record Sheets, Southern Vechicles Compendium 1: Gears and Striders, Star Wars Instant Adventures, Tales of the Jedi Companion, Underworld Sourcebook, Wamphyri