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Games (Attack of the Mutants(Yaquinto); Champions(Hero Games); The Hammer of Thor(Nova Game Designs); ICBM(Mayfair); The Sword and the Stars(SPI); Thieves\' Guild(Gamelords)), Supplements (Dargon\'s Dungeon, 2nd Ed.(FBI); Grimtooth\'s Traps(FBI); Handbook of Traps and Tricks(Dragon Tree); Into the Ruins(FGU); Operation Rapidstrike!(TSR); SORAG(Paranoia Press); Thieves\' Guild II(Gamelords); Weapons(Turtle Press)), Play Aids (Fifty Starbases(Judges Guild); Navigator\'s Starcharts(Judges Guild); Starships(Superior Models); T&T Survival Kit(FBI)), Miniatures (Zhodani(Martian Metals)), Computer Games (ABM(Muse); Galactic Attack(Sir-Tech); Galaxy Wars(Broderbund); Lords of Karma(AH); Skiing(Activision)), Historical Games (Alaric the Goth(SSG)), Publications (Game Merchant; Magnetic Fantasies; Wyrm\'s Footnotes).