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\'\'\'Games\'\'\' Arena of Death(SPI); Dr. Who(Games Workshop); Dungeon, 2nd Edition(TSR); The Fury of the Norsemen(Metagaming); Kings and Castles(Athena Games); The Lords of UnderEarth(Metagaming); Space Warrior(Argon Games); Star Fleet Battles Designer\'s Edition(Task Force Games); Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora(SPI); Warlock(Games Workshop), \'\'\'Supplements\'\'\' Isle of Dread(TSR); Leviathan(GDW); Security Station(Metagaming); Traders & Gunboats(GDW), \'\'\'Play Aids\'\'\' The Astrogators Chartbook(Judges Guild); Cardboard Heroes(SJ Games); The Unknown Gods(Judges Guild) \'\'\'Miniatures\'\'\' Wizards and Lizards(Superior Models), \'\'\'Computer Games\'\'\' Galactic Trader(Cybernautics); Hellfire Warrior(Automated Simulations); Labyrinth(Med Systems Software); Parsector V(Synergistic Solar); SLAG(Adventure International)