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Issue: Crítico: La revista de rol (nº 3 - Summer 2014)
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from the publisher

Several adventures and game aids, including:

A través de tus ojos, for Cthulu Actual, by Pedro Miguel Perea Cerro.
Trucos sucios, a generic terror game aid, by Pedro Miguel Perea Cerro.
Place Manor, for La Llamada de Cthulhu, by Juan Fernando Martín.
A fondo perdido, for Tenga, by Vicente J. Pons.
En cuerpo y alma, for Tierras Muertas, by Jorge Mir and David Bueno.
El teroso del torreón negro, for Aventuras en la Marca del Este, by José Francisco Riera.

translation from Google

Senior 03

Published in Summer 2014

Physical version. Digital version.

60 color pages

It Includes:

Through your eyes: A Current Cthulhu adventure, written by Pedro Miguel Perea Cerro, where players will have to survive a dream world.

Dirty tricks: Tips to give excitement to your games of terror. Pedro Miguel Perea Cerro.

Place Manor: An adventure for Call of Cthulhu in which Juan Fernando Martin takes us to the American heartland.

A sunk: An adventure for Be, written by Vicente J. Pons, in which some missing property hide an ambitious conspiracy.

Body and Soul: An adventure for Deadlands, written by Jorge Mir and David Good, who take your players to a casino where you lose your money will be the least of your worries.

The Black Tower Treasure: An adventure for Adventures in the East Mark, written by José Francisco Riera, where an abandoned tower will be not be so neglected.