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Ruf der Titanen (2008)

Average Rating: 5.00/10
RPG Item Rank: N/A
Pg. 1
CD Version
Year: 2008
Link Image
Description Edit | History

("Call of the Titans", booklet is German only)

promo text from publisher:
Our first CD not to be released in our Library of Fantastic Music — but a genuine Erdenstern album nonetheless!

In cooperation with Prometheus Games, we have released the official soundtrack for the German Pen & Paper RPG Elyrion — 19 Tracks in proven Erdenstern quality :-)
We have added a few new flavours, musically, and went down a few new roads. Elyrion's combination of Fantasy and Steam Punk elements have been a great inspiration on that journey.


Der Kontinent Audakia (4:33) — dynamic, heroic, powerful
Zwischen Finsternis und Licht (4:04) — mighty, heavy, introductory
Die Schänke (3:43) — merry, folkloristic, strange
Krieger aus Stahl (3:36) — determined, driving, rhythmic
Handel und Wandel (3:51) — dancing, lively, flowing
Die Quelle Elyrions (4:44) — magnificent, rising, mystic
Berge und Ebenen (4:12) — calm, wide, expectant
Die Kerusk-Wüste (3:30) — lurking, uncertain, mystic
Feuer und Stahl (2:49) — hektic, menacing, gigantic
Steppenreiter (4:22) — vivid, flowing, rhythmic
Wolfsland (4:00) — hounded, uncertain, rhythmic
Das Erbe der Titanen (4:07) — rising, great, mighty
Die Schwarze Fäule (3:36) — painful, agonizing, nauseous
Die Festung im Eis (2:58) — mystic, calm, grand
Die dunkle Macht Anhjôrais (3:59) — brutal, mighty, destructive
Die Stadt in den Wolken (3:57) — impressive, great, vivid
Die Mysterien Tithals (3:28) — graceful, hovering, noble
Die Stunde des Schicksals (4:56) — determined, epic, opposing
Die Erben der Schöpfung (3:23) — solemn, calm, mighty

Total playing time: 74:32 min.

More Information Edit | History
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