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RPG Item: The Town of Nywhere
PDF version
Year: 2013
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
65 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

Many urban encounters in roleplaying games often come across as mere preparation or sideshow: The players go into town to gather some information in the tavern or get a new mission from a hooded stranger who sits alone in the corner. They visit the item shop to liquidate their treasure and buy a few more potions of healing. They go to the temple to have their wounds healed or their dead resurrected. It is assumed that the real action happens elsewhere, in the wilderness or in dungeons. Going ‘back to town’ is synonymous with a break in the action.

But not so in Nywhere. A thriving town of 20,000 souls, Nywhere is a center of civilization, to be sure. But also an adventure in its own right. Your PCs will never be be bored again. Not with such fabulous locations to explore as:
  • The Dewy Tulip - “To refer to the Dewy Tulip as a ‘house of ill repute’ within hearing of it’s proprietress and manager, Madame Mabienne, is to find oneself kindly but firmly invited not to come again. The Dewy Tulip is a fashionable establishment with high standards and premium prices. Would-be guests are met at the door and expected to be washed thoroughly, dressed impeccably and have both ready cash and polished manners . . .”
  • The Rack of Antlers Lodge - “Few curses are as common as dry throats, sore feet and low spirits. Thankfully, the Rack of Antlers has cures for all three. A friendly, accessible, relatively inexpensive establishment, the Rack offers beer by the mug, simple kitchen fare and reasonably unlumpy beds . . .”
  • The Temple of Climaxia, Goddess of Primal Sensation - “Though the Temple may be much more often closed than open, the red-and-white-robed clergy are a regular sight around the district and the city at large. They maintain a regular daily booth in the Market Square just outside the gates of the Temple where they sell a selection of herbal preparations, highly provocative block-printed religious and instructional literature (most of it profusely illustrated), and frankly rude holy symbols and small devotional statuary . . .”
  • The Gasmen’s Guild Hall - “The Professor is reputed to govern the Guild like some kind of secret fraternal order. The ‘Third Order’ Gasmen one encounters walking the streets tending the lamps are, if asked, likely to say they have never even seen him in person . . .”
  • The Suds’ Sea Bottom Bathhouse - “Separate changing accommodations are available for men and women, after which patrons then enter separate ‘scrub rooms’ where they first soap up, then rinse off. Then they make their way into the large, mixed-gender pool. Horse play, monkey business and cat calls are all strictly forbidden . . .”
  • Church of Polypod - “Not exactly a popular place but certainly a well-known one, the Church of Polypod hulks in a blind cul-de-sac, it’s doors overarched with carvings of weird, uneuclidean geometry, intertwined with relief-carvings of the oozing appendages of the Church’s horrid Tentacle Gods. It’s lime-green-robed clergy and parishioners--to the extent that anyone is willing to identify themselves as such--are particularly unwelcome in and around the precincts of the School for Girls, run by the Convent of Our Lady of Scornful Regard . . .”
  • Blastington Arms - “While many city residents still have recourse to swords and daggers to protect their lives and property, larger and cruder weapons like battle-axes, spears and longbows are beginning to be regarded as a bit anachronistic (except perhaps by dwarves or half-orcs, whose respect for a good axe or warhammer goes beyond its utility as a weapon and crosses over into the realm of aesthetic appreciation) . . .”

The Town of Nywhere is an urban gazetteer for PCs to explore, combined with three short adventures for the GM to run in town. Included are all necessary 1” square encounter maps for use with miniatures, showing the interiors of the Rack of Antlers Lodge, plus areas of ‘Underside’ (the tunnels beneath Nywhere), and the streets.

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