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Crimes (2006)

Average Rating: 0.00/10
RPG Item Rank: N/A
Pg. 1
Year: 2006
Soft Cover
ISBN-13: 9782952746601
320 pages
Size: Letter
1.00 pounds
Link Image
Description Edit | History
Publisher Blurb (via Google Translate):

Crime is a game of historical roles anchored in the heart of the Belle Epoque and the tradition of classical literature, fantasy and horror of the nineteenth century.
History first. From 1870 to 1914, with a preference for the pivotal year of 1900. If that time was a building, an elegant facade will mask a backyard accident.

Tails: progress that seem limitless for advocates of scientism. An unprecedented growth in the industrial and colonial adventure, dizzying progress in terms of medicine that promise a bright century.

On the front of hordes of provincial thrown as food to urban factories, a rise in crime or, failing that, the feeling of insecurity. The spiritual vacuum which sanctions the Christianization of the city gives way to delusions occultists. Social segregation is a reality, the social codes are a real straitjacket republican experiments in their infancy, emancipating difficult memories of empires and monarchies. And the shadow of a conflict unprecedented opens in 1914, died on the field of the Marne and the Somme ... The tomb of civilization.

Crime is a game of investigation . The majority of the player characters are either the police or revolves around it. To set the tone, a history of crimes begins with a beautiful sunny summer morning at the foot of the Eiffel Tower brand new, it often ends with a cold and foggy night in the muddy bottom areas of Paris, at the corner of a dark alley, with the only light in a dull glow red and grimacing moon on the blunt edge of a knife sticky blood...

Horror game to continue. The line between reality and fantasy is thin. So fragile that it readily navigates from one to the other. The monsters that inhabit this world are fallen beings, men who have lost all forms of humanity, either because they have lost their soul, or because their passions were eaten to the point that they lose touch with reality. This fantastic is eminently Gothic, although doubts remain and that rational explanations can remain. This forfeiture is an axiom in the game, a temptation to evil or lack of self-control. Strange metamorphoses, curses and unreal for it little by little dark under the condition that the criminal is toiling to track it suffers...

Finally and most importantly, game atmosphere . Character creation can anchor them in the context of the time: they have a job, contacts, family, passions and skills. The character is also the product of his mind: his failures lead to the accumulation of neurotic problems. His injuries increase his psychosis, progressive remoteness from reality. He must learn to manage their anxiety to avoid sudden fit of madness, determined in relation to his temperament. Finding the balance, that is the issue, an army of disciples of Freud are not enough to halt the decline of an investigator who can not resist the lure of the forfeiture. The gameplay is fast and does not hinder the immersion into the world of Crime. Each jet has risks: critical failures, psychological impact, but remains a key to the success of the venture and the progress of the character.

Ultimately, this curious mixture of From Hell crossed with Dracula has many different readings: naturalistic novels of the nineteenth, thrillers such as Melmoth , Hammer films or expressionist works as Caligari . Crime is the product of the image ending this century has been able to give.

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