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RPG Item: Pathfinder Open Reference
Android app version
Year: 2012
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

This reference gives you rapid access to every feat, spell, class, skill, monster and rule in the full Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. With intuitive indexing and powerful search capability, the reference gets you the information you need quickly so you can get back to the game. Includes rules material from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, GameMastery Guide, NPC Codex, Bestiary, Bestiary 2 and Bestiary 3.

For other developers: this app has an api that lets you pull up articles from your app. Contact me if you are interested in using it.

The application has 31000 rule snippets allowing you to access over 20000 discrete rule topics. Including: 725 Feats, 1358 Spells, 1402 Monsters & NPCs, 45 Classes and a ton more. The application allows you to hone in the passages that matter for what’s going on in game now. Every title in every article is a link that lets you just see/bookmark that section. It has a powerful and fast search lets you find the rule you need, quickly.

It also allows you to create bookmark collections. You can bookmark passages that you want quick access to as a GM, while creating other collections for your characters, giving you quick access to the rules that applicable to that character.

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More Information Edit | History
Changelog: http://www.legolas.org/
1.0.19 -
  • Ultimate Campaign added
  • Core Rulebook errata
  • Gar was missing
1.0.18 -
  • Monster entries had spurious fields
  • Multiple classes were missing spells
  • All core, base and npc spellcaster classes have a hyperlinked list of spells
  • Bookmark links on the side crashed on tablets
  • Bookmarks created in previous versions were not converting properly
  • Screen rotate now restores your location in the article
  • Cleanup of a bunch of articles based on feedback
  • A few more minor crash bugs were resolved
1.0.16,1.0.17 -
  • Ultimate Combat, NPC Codex, other changes from 2013/01/13 PRD update
  • Three new menus: Class Customizations, Hazards, Quick Reference
  • New submenus: NPCs, Templates
  • Preference to turn books on/off (Thanks robertpeacock22)
  • Fixed some search problems
  • Added support for samsung multi-window
  • New splash screen
  • Major under the covers work to enable some awesome upcoming futures
1.0.15 -
  • Words of Power were missing, added
  • NPC Gallery npcs were missing - they now show up under monsters as well
  • Linked NPC Gallery table to NPCs
  • Linked Summon Monster/Nature's Ally spells to creatures
  • Fixed formatting issues for vehicles, race creator, and various spells
  • Find in page tool can now be hidden
1.0.14 -
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • All other changes from 2012/08/29 PRD update
1.0.12 -
  • Fixed aggressive removal of “failed” bookmarks
  • Added a search in page tool
  • Added a table of contents tool
  • Search was broken for tablets in the last release, fixed
  • Some monsters were not sorting properly
  • Fixed numerous formatting issues in magic item articles
  • Some minor creature changes
  • Class articles now contain any relevant snippets from other books.
1.0.10 -
  • Massive rework done on monsters in this release. Fixed tons of minor to major issues on hundreds of monsters.
  • Added links between encounter tables/cohorts and the monsters they are referring to
  • Incorporated all the changes from the prd update from 7/16/2012. (Second printing of the Bestiary 2)
  • Fixed bookmarks to not break between updates, unfortunately causing a one time erasure of bookmarks.
  • The application back button caused an exception on Jelly Bean devices.
  • Search was hard to find for many people (The hardware search button is not obvious on some phones). I have added search to the menu for these devices.
  • Many playable monster races had text that made them irritating to use. I have rolled in the content referenced as “see above” into their entries.
  • Many feats are hidden in optional rules of various books. Many of those have been bubbled up to the feat interface.
  • The summary for spells was mixed in with the spell text causing confusion for some users. This has been reworked.
  • An exception was thrown if you accessed the OGL or Community use license from certain pages.
  • A lot of unicode garbage characters have been fixed in a lot of pages.
  • Fixed about a dozen exceptions.
  • Reworked a bunch of backend code to make incorporating new books easier in the future.
(1.0.9) -
  • Added images to classes
  • Added starting gold to classes
  • Spell components with commas were getting messed up
  • Fixed multiple small formatting isses with monsters
  • Removed OGL sections from showing up in search (always still accessible from the menu)
  • Added additional instrumentation to get to the bottom of force closes
  • Fixed multiple database related force closes
(1.0.8) – New permission: Internet
  • Classes were missing both alignment restrictions and hit dice
  • Added improved error reporting
  • Added button to enable users to easily report mistakes in the content directly from the app. If you see a problem, let us know by tapping the warning triangle at the top of any article, and give a quick note as to what the problem is.
(1.0.7) -
  • Lists could get out of sync with lots of scrolling. Found because of a report of wizard spells not matching up.
  • Force close caused if a user removed all bookmark collections and tried to view an article.
  • Kindle Fire now properly recognized as a ‘tablet’
(1.0.6) -
  • Fixed a force close for Honeycomb
(1.0.5) -
  • Eclipse produced a bad apk, sorry, mea culpa.
(1.0.4) -
  • Pre 1.0.3 databases were not being removed when moving data to SD
(1.0.3) – New permission: SD Card
  • Data now moves itself to SD if there is room. Please, if the SD is not working, mail me. I don’t have a device with SD, so the implementation had to be done on virtual devices.
  • Clicking on titles in 2.x resulted in just seeing just urls
  • Exposed search provider to OS, so you can use android search to find rules
(1.0.2) -
  • App could not install on SD Card *cough*
  • Major bugfix for android 2.2 phones
  • Database cursors were leaking, I called the database plumber
  • Fixed another FC
(1.0.1) -
  • No way to open menu on ICS phones
  • Added text to indicate there are not search results
  • Current bookmarks collection persists across launches
  • Warns user if there is not enough storage space to run
  • Added pinch to zoom
  • Added margins
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