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Series Code
Battle Maps Apocalypse
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Year Published
Primary Name
Ancient Military Bunker
Alternate Names
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ObjectID: 155350
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PDF version
Year: 2014
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
30 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

This is a very large collection of 5 battle maps, each one detailing different levels to an ancient pre-apocalypse military bunker. This is perfect for any game where you want your players to experience something similar to an old fashioned dungeon crawl in a fantasy setting. There are five levels, each one ready for your to populate with your own challenges, traps, and enemies. The rewards might be great or small, from pre-war technology to vehicles to get your players across the wasteland. There might be fuel here, or weaponry. For that matter, your PC's just might find themselves with a nice base of operations if they can clean this place up a bit!

The map levels are as follows:

Map 1 - Ground Level: A desert wasteland map with four cement bunkers protecting a solitary entrance into the bunker below. There are concertina wire barricades and trip wires strung, as well as a trench dug around the hill to prevent entrance to the bunker below. In addition, the cement bunkers are only accessible from inside, and if they are manned, each bunker holds two .50 caliber machine guns, perfect for shredding vehicles or power armored wastelanders that think they deserve access to the bunker's secrets! Other points of interest include a satellite dish and a radio antenna, which were used by the ancients at one time and may still work if a PC with the right Repair skill happens along.

Map 2 - Level 1: This is an early access level, built primarily for defense. This level is used to access the cement bunkers and deter enemies outside from attempting to enter. There is also a choke point with two murder holes accessible from level 2 below. These murder holes are meant as a last line of defense before anyone gains access to the stairwell, or the elevator (if you are going to allow it to be functional).

Map 3 - Level 2: This is the command center level. There is an armory, medical bay, robot storage and charging station, as well as a set of jail cells and a security office. The largest part of this level is the command center though, where ancients monitored several massive screens and watched for enemy activity. This may have been an intelligence center, or a spy center. Or it may have been a last chance retreat for soldiers after the bombs fell, and the command center was used to watch the surrounding area for hostiles. How the command center was used is entirely up to you. One thing to note is the robot storage room and charging facility. There are robots missing and these could be guarding the bunker. Or they could be helpful to your PC's. The choice is yours.

Map 4 - Level 3: Living quarters. This is the part of the bunker were the military personnel lived during their off duty hours. There is a water treatment facility, as well as a janitorial and maintenance room. There are more general living quarters as well, such as a mess hall, kitchen, storage, gymnasium, recreation center, education center, film room, bunking quarters, and of course, showers and latrines. This area has been ransacked. Either the original denizens went crazy and destroyed themselves and this level, or they were attacked by someone from outside. Either way, this area is a mess.

Map 5 - Level 4: Vehicle storage & tram station. This map covers the very bottom of the bunker. There is a tram station here that links to other pre-war military bunkers. Whether or not the tunnels of the tram have collapsed at some point or not is entirely up to you, but at one point this rail system connected to a vast network of other bunkers just like this one. This particular tram was used for receiving shipments of supplies for the bunker. There are also several military vehicles in repairable condition, as well as a heavy amount of ordinance for the tanks and artillery. This level also houses plenty of diesel fuel, as well as the main power source for the entire base. By this point you may have noticed there aren't a lot of lights on in this bunker. After several hundred years of neglect and/or overuse, the generators on this level have slowly began to shut down until only one generator remains in operation. Just enough to supply power to the emergency lighting in the facility and keep the robots on level 2 working. PC's with enough repair skill may find themselves inheriting a fully functional and well supplied base to operate from if they can get those generators working again! There is also a tunnel out of this level, meant to imply that the bunker connects to yet another level, most likely a natural cavern that returns to the surface, where the vehicles on this level can be driven out into the wastes.


  • 5 Battle Maps for the price of 4! It's like putting a dollar back in your pocket!
  • Square and No Grid scales.
  • Full Color versions – These maps are printer intensive, full color versions of each level.
  • Black and White versions – Black and white versions of each level, meant to be the least printer intensive.
  • Shadow versions to provide your game with the right atmosphere.
  • No Shadow versions if you aren't concerned with atmosphere.
  • VTT Maps - Virtual Tabletop versions of each level, designed for use with any VTT software.

More Information Edit | History
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