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Pg. 1
Softcover Version
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Year: 2004
Saddle Stapled (modules/pamphlets)
Product Code: LGR18
17 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From the introduction:

In the middle of the night, on a snow-swept eve, down a long dark street in the City of Splendors, evil awakens. Survive if you can. The fate of the Green Regent hangs in the balance.

User summary:

For 9th level characters.

More Information Edit | History

From the WotC plot recap:

I believe Mielikki had a hand in the events that Moonfest night. How else could a seemingly random choice made on a dark street in Waterdeep led to the recovery of the Coalescence of Scorn and the revelation of the true threat to Loudwater.

- Teseryne Truesilver
- Daughter of Talanthe Truesilver
- Year of Rogue Dragons

The winter days stretched on as the Order of the Jade Blade stayed in Waterdeep. They had recovered Otar from the clutches of the Cyricists, but he was still deep in a coma. Only through the patient care of Jerythi Phalkon was he eating at all.

With nothing to do but watch and wait, the Feast of the Moon provided an opportunity to cut loose and enjoy themselves for a change. The Feast of the Moon is the last great festival of the year, and in Waterdeep it is a wild night of drinking, revelry and wassailing. The Jade Blade spent several hours enjoying the vintages at the Fiery Flagon in the Sea Ward before they decided to head to the Jade Jug in the Castle Ward.

The adventurers never did make it to the Jade Jug. As they were heading to the tavern, they came across a macabre sight – a corpse lying in the street with its mouth agape as if gasping for breath. A thin sheen of ice covered its skin and clothes. The adventurers quickly determined that person had drowned, but they couldn't figure out why as there was nothing big enough to drown in.

Not too far beyond the first body, the Jade Blade found another, then another, as the corpses formed a grisly trail through the streets of Waterdeep. The festival was keeping the City Watch busy, so our heroes took it upon themselves to investigate the matter and see if they could put a stop to it.

The gruesome trail ended in a grand house at the end of a small street. The lower floor of the house was made of entwined, living trees, while the second floor was made almost entirely out of glass. Through the glass, the adventurers could see an elaborate, semi-tropical garden. The front door was carved with the head of a unicorn encircled by a living wreath of holly. Music came from deeper within the house, and celebrants could be seen through the windows of the first floor.

The front door was ajar and the body of an elderly woman dressed in white with a green vestment to Mielikki lay in the opening. She too was dead from drowning. The Jade Blade recognized her as Annadell Merrymoat, a druid of Mielikki who had visited Jerythi Phalkon and had tried to help Otar.

The adventurers found wet footprints leading deeper into the house, and they caught up with their makers in the kitchen. The makers were two incredibly unpleasant and deadly type of undead called drowned that have the ability to fill the lungs of the living with water making them drown on dry land. The Jade Blade slew the drowned before the creatures stumbled into the ballroom and killed of all the revelers.

The silent drowning of Annadell had gone unnoticed but the slashing of weapons and explosion of spells did not. The revelers were horrified to learn of Annadell's death and were thankful that the adventurers were able to destroy the undead. In addition, when the music stopped, our heroes heard a strange, pulsing hum coming from upstairs. None of the revelers knew what it was and several guests said that they had never heard if before.

The Jade Blade climbed the stairs up to the garden to investigate the rhythmic humming. The second floor was stiflingly warm and was filled with plants from the jungle of Chult. Amongst the leafy fronds and hanging vines were two warbound impalers. These plant creatures protected the garden and were under the command of Annadell, who was not there to call them off, so they attacked our heroes, who were forced to destroy the things in self-defense.

After investigating, the adventurers found that the humming was coming from under a stone bench. They tore up the loose bricks and found a secret passage that bored down through the center of one of the great trees supporting the house. The hole was small and cramped, and the Jade Blade had to squeeze as they went. It finally ended deep beneath the house in an octagonal room with three triangular pits spaced around the room.

The two closest pits contained two zombie behirs, which the Jade Bade dispatched. In the third pit was a smooth, glassy stone filled by a whirling tempest of blue-green mist. The mist coalesced into the image of a screaming man with severe and noble features, before turning into an orc that looked like Otar.

A bit shaken by the image but sure that the sphere was of importance, the Jade Blade took the stone with them. Upon their return to the garden, they were attacked by Kal'Darack – an ogre mage who was seeking the stone for his own purposes. He was accompanied by swarms of undead rats. The battle destroyed a good part of Annadell's famous garden, but the adventures slew the evil giant and dispersed the swarms.

When the adventures returned to Jeryth's house to tell her of the death of their friend, they found that Otar had awakened from his coma. He said that the stone had called to him in his dreams and was why he came to Waterdeep. The Green Regent told them that the stone was called the coalescence of scorn and was the physical incarnation of an archmage's dying words. When the archmage fell from his flying city, the stone landed here in Waterdeep. Halaster had buried and warded it.

Otar said that the coalescence of scorn was the hope and doom of Loudwater's gravest enemy. He must travel into the Dire Woods to a place called Karse, and there, attempt to twist the stone's destiny to the will of Loudwater. The Green Regent asked our heroes to accompany him, and they agreed.

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