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Pg. 1
PDF version
Publisher: Starry Knight Press
Year: 2016
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: SK1CT
40 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Our first adventure module in the "SK series" is this stirring journey into the temple of an aquatic goddess. Created for a party of 4-6 characters of 3rd to 5th level, with 40 pages of adventure, this module is sure to provide many hours of challenging and exciting game play for both GM and players alike!

The Jarlburgh Valley was a peaceful place. Human and demi-humans worked side by side to build a strong, vibrant community. Farmers, miners, sailors and loggers brought prosperity to the valley. The artisans of Jarlburgh wrought items of great strength and surpassing beauty, highly prized throughout the region. The local noble, Lord Kanin, is a wise and benevolent ruler. Sitting on his throne at Jarlburgh Keep, he rules with fairness, a great respect for equality, and an eye always on the future; and Jarlburgh’s future seemed bright indeed!

That was before the raids started. For the last six months, Jarlburgh has been under siege! Caravans have been routinely attacked, their merchandise stolen, and the people kidnapped or murdered. Farmers and other trades folk are waylaid, their goods stolen, and they go missing or turn up dead in the fields or washed up along the banks of the Kaldirstraum River. The authorities have been unable to stop the attacks, and the situation has become quite dire.

Traders refuse to bring caravans to the valley for fear of losing their merchandise and their lives. Stores of food and raw materials are not making it to the valley, and the craftspeople have no work to perform. Commerce has come to a standstill. With winter fast approaching, the food and firewood reserves are frighteningly low and the populace is becoming desperate!

Lord Kanin has put out a call for all able bodied adventurers to come to Jarlburgh and end the evil menacing his lands. Will you answer the call?

This 40 page adventure module includes:

  • A completely original, all new action packed adventure, full of twist and chances for heroic action!
  • An entire playable valley to explore, with a highly detailed map showing the local area
  • Three detailed underground levels to explore, with easy expansion possibilities
  • A comprehensive introduction to the history of the ancient temple which is the heart of this adventure
  • Includes detailed Old-School maps, including the authors original hand-drawn map
  • Amazing Old-school style art by Andy "Atom" Taylor, with additional artwork and maps by the author Louis "sirlou" Kahn
  • High quality player handouts, including a player's map and a bounty warrant
  • Carefully thought out and balanced Random Monster Tables, complete with treasure. Ready to use immediately!
  • A rogues gallery of Pre-generated Characters/NPCs ready for immediate use in the game by players or the GM
  • Special addendums featuring NEW monsters & NEW magical items sure to delight GM and players alike

More Information Edit | History
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