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RPG Item: Godchild (Sephiroht Edition)
PDF version
Publisher: Gemmon (publisher)
Year: 2015
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: GRPG1013
83 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Now his wrath kindled, now free of the torturous vat of magic science that dissected his mind for study of mysteries majestic and supreme, now free of Grand Prafectae Madhiem’s cruel sessions of rape with sexual instruments of pain divine, now free of nightmares woven of thoughts of terror, manifested lucidly, now free of lack of being without understanding, Jehovah, emerged from the gates of Gul Gugorroth, gates that loomed into the firmament, designed so to seem as a rictus of terror.

The Lord, mind anew, saddened, for now all the prayers of sentient kind could be heard, for now the pleas and wails of the righteous, tortured in ways sure to haunt the mind, could be heard, for now the visions of maidens once who professed their love only to God, ravaged wholly, could be seen.

And the Master God, Ba’aliem, whose name not be spoken by any, else sure to draw his attention, rose from the black coated sky like a blighted Sun, which flashed with black lightning, monstrous and monolithic…tentacles dancing maniacally.

And Jehovah glared at the tentacle clad eyeball, maddened, for his wrath was kindled. “Knowest thou the time when Binah bring forth destruction? Or canst thou mark when the Gazers do wail? Canst thou number the days of destiny? Or the Years? Or knowest thou the time when it manifest so? Knowest thou the time when sadness is no longer upon the face of the deep? Or canst thou number the count of the Angels? Tortured beyond mortal ken?”

Ba’aliem spoke and said, “Oh Brother, your might was great but effected far too late. Oh Brother, your reign was supreme, but without the correct dream. Oh Brother, first I speak of what men call wait and what mortals think seem.”

And Ba’aliem returned to Vurdor, for he was so bound.

And Jehovah, fleeing Gul Guguroth, spoke and said, “I am my shepherd; I shall not want. I maketh me to lie down in green pastures: I leadeth me beside still waters. I restoreth my soul: I leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for my name’s sake. Ye, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for I am with me; my rod and my staff they comfort me. I preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: I anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

The death-of-god TRPG!

Welcome to Eldruden Earth. God is dead and so are his angels. Demons and Devils maraud the haunted landscape where humans hang from the skies, Hell has fused with nearly seventy percent of the Earth, and the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes have turned to blood. The Godchild, known as the Eldruden in one of the many languages of the Angels, is the only being that can restore the light to the broken Earth.

Humanity is threatened with extinction. Hell Storms frequent the remaining cities. Butcher men prowl the streets in packs, preying on innocents. Serial Killers are initiated into demonic cults where their deadly art is refined and skills honed.

  • Play as the legendary Amadi Dialla from the Angels of a God Reborn Novelette or create your own Godchild.
  • A simple and remarkably easy to learn, diceless game system featuring one character trait: Power.
  • Choose a destiny defining Sacrament and wield over 40 powerful and unique Virtues that will serve to assist you in surviving a Hell Master's Trial and Tribulation.
  • Define your character with 17 Backgrounds like Relic, Avatar, and Realm.
  • Experience a frightening, disturbed and eerie post-apocalyptic setting where God is dead, Angels serve whilst in endless agony and Demons and Devils rule nearly all of Eldruden Earth!
  • Hell Masters can easily utilize this Hell Tome as a Hell Master's Manual.
  • Players can use this as a Sinner's Manual when desiring to play a Godchild!
  • Veteran TRPG Grognards can jump right into the designing of a Trial and Tribulation or download Infestation, Hell Gate or Hell Storm here on DrivethruRPG!
  • Players are encouraged to design their own characters without the limitation of character points, rule-stricken classes, or the utilization of dice-roll generating tables.
  • A focus on terror, dread and the macabre beauty of a shattered Metaverse.
  • Expose of the Metaverse and the Heavens.
  • A detailing of the dPS (diceless Power System) with emphasis on the Hell Master's complete and total authority of the Game *Mechanics of a Trial and Tribulation.
  • Featuring more than 50 Skills to flesh out your character.
  • A deceptively simple explanation of the War of Prophecy.
  • Assume an alter-ego and act as such throughout the Hell Master's Trial and Tribulations.
  • A Metaverse the Hell Master is encouraged to mold to their liking.
  • Features a Short Story about the discovery of God's burning corpse on Mt. Sinai and the attempt at its acquisition by the 2SE.
  • The entire Tome available to peruse as if one were in an OSR Hobby Shop via DrivethruRPG's PDF preview!

Can you survive endless Trials and Tribulations as a Shard of God?

Will you succumb to the Master God's genius?

Being that God is truly dead, as so many believe and more know, is there any hope?

What Was

Godchild was the first TRPG released by Gaiden. It was seriously flawed in execution and design. Unfortunately, customers were emailed with repeated updates that consisted of rewrites and concept development that should have been done before the release of the game. However, this is a thing of a time past and hopefully forgotten by what I believe to have been aggravated customers. In this new age, this Hell Tome has been repeatedly revised and is now what it should have been.

The first publication of Godchild was the Seventh Edition. Not truly the seventh version of the TRPG, the number was chosen because seven is the LORD's most blessed number (as writ in Sepher Yetzirah, a sacred Qabalistic Tome, a treasure of the mysticism of the Jews). It featured no artwork and was riddled with errors. Know that the difference between this publication, the Sephiroht Edition, and the previous Seventh, is the inclusion of more Virtues and thematic artwork ranging from gazes into Hell and the wierd and paranormal.

What Will Be

The future of the Godchild franchise is a sunlit world of beauty, unlike the perpetual, nightmarish fiction of the Metaverse. Infernal has just been released (detailing the rules needed to include Fallen Angels in a Hell Master's Trials and Tribulations), the Maleficus is forthcoming third quarter (a more in-depth Hell Master's Manual), alternate character classes for Sinners, also possibly serving as NPCC's for Hell Masters, will be published by the years end, character races for the Sinner to play or Hell Master to include as NPC Races are forthcoming, the City of the Damned, Zhov (a Hellscape Tome), will see release by the year's end and numerous Trials and Tribulations are in development.

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