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PDF version
Publisher: Gemmon (publisher)
Year: 2016
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: GRPG1014
59 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

“They whirl and spin. An’ each had a, had a blade in front of the eye.” trembled Speaks.

“Shut it up, Speaks! Shut it!” said the power armor clad gangster.

"swear it, Thom! I saw it! I saw the Hell Saw!”

"I said shut it up!” roared the gangster as he knocked a fist to Speaks head.

Speaks screamed as a massive wheel within a wheel with spokes and wings and eyes roundabout loomed in front of him. Bloodied blades laced the outer rim of the eye clad wheel. Slowly, the blades began to whir.

“We gon’ die somethin’ easy t’night!” Thom screamed.

Moments later two corpses lay split in half on the blood soaked, snow swept streets of Zhov.

The death-of-god TRPG!

This Hell Tome, Infernal, features ten different demon races for the Godchild TRPG. Based on real Qabalistic Angelology, rather Demonology, any Hell Master can now include the minions of the Wicked such as Chayoth, Kerubim and Melekim Fallen Angels. And, Sinners can take a sneak peek at what they are up against when the Hell Master's Trial and Tribulation begins.

  • Details the history of each of the Dark Angel races.
  • A short description brings into the imagination what the wicked hierarchy looks like.
  • Examples the supernatural powers each Fallen Angel type can wield.
  • Hell Masters can easily modify the rules and combine, or mix and match, the rules for each type of evil Angel.
  • Written in a manner so that Hell Masters can detail the amount of points of Power each Fallen Angel type possesses.
  • Features a short description of the ten Archangels that govern the Angelic Choirs of each Dark Angel race.
  • Explains how Ba'aliem perverted each Fallen Angel race in preparation for the Angel Wars.
  • Sinners can learn about the Fallen that threaten them in upcoming Trials and Tribulations.
  • If the Hell Master permits it, Sinners can play as Fallen Angels themselves. Note that the entirety of the Divine Choirs of the Righteous are in Divine Torment. However, the Hell Master is free to co-create the world for the Trial and Tribulation and change the rules as s/he deems so.
  • Features Golem, a Short Story of lost love and vengeance.
  • Peruse the entirety of this Hell Tome as if one was in a OSR Hobby Shop!

What Was

Initially released for the Seventh Edition, Infernal featured only text and was absent of any art whatsoever. It was also plagued with the same problem as the Godchild Hell Tome. Updates were numerous and often confusing. This is not and will not be a problem again. Note that this Sephiroht Edition of Infernal contains similar text and the inclusion of eerie and macabre artwork coming of the Godchild Franchise.

What Will Be

Each Demonic race will have its own publication dedicated in being a detailed expose on the type of Fallen Angel and all of its constituents. From the civilizations and consequent differing cultures within mortal's Qabalistic Spheres, to the secret societies that once beat at the heart of humanities spiritual and technological prowess and to the ultimate power of each of the Sephiroht the Dark Angels inhabit and can wield in battle, each Tome will be rich and elaborate in scope.

More Information Edit | History
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