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Tears of Blood (2017)

Average Rating: 0.00/10
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Pg. 1
PDF Version (17 May 2017)
Publisher: (Web published)
Year: 2017
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
397 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

A Community Built Campaign Setting

website blurb:
Set on the World of Ursoule, the Tears of Blood Campaign Setting is a high-fantasy, gritty, and dangerous place. It is a world in which magic, both arcane and divine, is suspect and not accepted by all. Both proved useless against a devastating and unnatural Plague, leaving damaged or shattered civilizations in its wake and twisted wrecks of some of its survivors. It was called "The Weeping," and caused its victims to weep tears of blood.

Most of the core D20 races appear in this world, but with altered characteristics and history. Humans are the least changed, having only new cultures and religions. Dwarves have a martial culture, with a long history as mercenary Clans. Half-Elves do not exist on this world, replaced by the Feldarin, the one-time Imperial overlords of the main continent, now reduced to a fraction of their former power by The Weeping. Elves in this world were born from the Feldarin, gifted with celestial powers through a bargain with a malevolent being with devastating consequences. Halflings are the undisputed Lords of the Seas, while the mysterious and secretive Gnomes ride great mechanical vessels and populate both the realms beneath and the skies above, and "Orrks" are deeply religious jungle dwellers with a penchant for sacrificial offerings. New races include the reflective Giantkin, the twisted Plague- touched and the still less natural Fleshwrought.

Behind the scenes, many factions fight for control. An ancient Dracolich plots underground, and has helped shape the nature of the Gnomes. Belief in gods and other fundamental forces upon the world is disputed between cultures, but is almost always defined according to five concepts - War, Life/Death, Magic, Travel, and Nature. In addition to these forces, the existence of another god-like entity is undeniable - the Plague Fiend, a being who - from the ritual that created the Elves - gains power from the suffering of all races. He is rumored to have brought the Plague to the world, but, truly, nobody knows the true source of the Plague known as "The Weeping."

Other factions include the opposing Guilds and Pirates that run the Halfling fleets, the scholarly Universities that struggle to keep magic alive in Ursoule, many secret and not-so-secret organizations, as well as various Cults, Clans and the denizens of The Beneath. What will be the fate of this world, and your part in it?

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