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A Tangled Web (1998)

Average Rating: 0.00/10
RPG Item Rank: N/A
Pg. 1
DOC Version
Publisher: TSR
Year: 1998
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
43 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

A One-Round Adventure

From the introduction:

Until six months ago all Zakhara believed that Grand Caliph Khalil had not been blessed by fate with an heir. But then it was revealed that a son had indeed been born to him eighteen years ago, and raised in secret by trusted servants so that he might be safe from assassination and intrigue. A feast day was proclaimed for Prince Husam ibn Khalil throughout all Zakhara. A month later, it was announced that the prince was betrothed to Princess Fatima bint Kara, daughter of the renowned Sultan Kara of Jumlat. Again a day of feasting was proclaimed throughout all Zakhara. The Grand Caliph dispatched his finest vessel, the Imperial Galley Enlightenment commanded by the dashing Captain Rashad al Akbar to escort the princess and her retinue to her wedding.

All seemed to be well until a storm of terrible power came up, seemingly from nowhere, one evening. The ship was battered by wind and wave and all seemed lost, for not even the Enlightenment could withstand such a storm. Captain Rashad then made a bold decision. He ordered the sails raised and set a course for the nearest island. There was a brief period of hope, for a light was seen in the distance, but immediately there was a loud crash as the galley struck submerged rocks. Even the powerful magic of Najib, the ship's navigator could not save the ship. The mast crashed down through the deck into the passenger's cabin, and the galley began to split.

Thinking quickly, Najib cast a spell which enabled him to fly, grabbed hold of the princess and flew to the shore of the island, only 100 yards away. A brave young sailor grabbed the princess's attendant, Lady Maneira min Selan, and leapt into the sea with her. Captain Rashad, seeing the princess's page pinned beneath the mast, with seawater rising above the lad's head, dove through the crack in the deck, pried the boy free as the sea rose above his own head. He then swam out through the splitting keel and made his way to shore.

While captain Rashad was about to swim out and look for more survivors a huge wave swept the remains of the galley back out to sea. Dejected, he returned to shore. The rest of the crew and the rest of the princess's servants are surely drowned. The only survivors are Princess Fatima bint Kara, Lady Maneira min Selan, Captain Rashad al Akbar, Najib beni Zafala, the page Khalid, and the sailor Ahmad. All but Najib and Fatima are soaked and exhausted, Fatima is just soaked, and Najib is neither exhausted nor soaked. The rain doesn't seem to be getting him wet at the moment either.

More Information Edit | History
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