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PDF version
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
Year: 2017
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: PDG1022
34 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

In this book, you will find new and modified class features and rules, new ways to use skills, new feats and spells, new rogue talents, and a number of new rogue archetypes. All with one goal—to make playing rogues more fun.

”Rogues are like mosquitoes—they are everywhere. You swat one, you create an opening for another, and they suck your blood—and your wealth—before you know it.”
—Adradash, Explorer of the Snakewood.

Rogues are everywhere on Porphyra. Every village has at least one ambitious youngster willing to risk life and limb for opportunity. Every town has gangs of these scoundrels, often lacking the common sense to stay out of the way of passing heroes. Always hoping to strike it rich or fulfill the lifelong ambition they only realized this morning, rogues are the ultimate opportunists, that fill every niche where riches can be found. For being so common in the fiction, rogues are remarkably rare in play. This books strives to make rogues fun in two ways; by making the class better at what it is supposed to be doing, and by adding options.

In this book you will find:

  • New and upgraded rogue talents.
  • New uses of skills, and clarifications on how to use Stealth.
  • Spells and cantrips suited to the rogues minor and major magic.
  • Combat feats that allow new tactics for the clever rogue.
  • Alternate key abilities for skills allow a more focused ability scores.
  • Upgrades to the unchained rogue’s edge ability.
  • The arcane adventurer archetype, a rogue with arcana.
  • The brute archetype that relies on brawn more than finesse.
  • The covin archetype for psychic rogues
  • The everyday hero archetype, confident enough to win the day.
  • The leech archetype, a mundane healer with a lethal blade.
  • The mountebank archetype, a dabbler in invisibility and teleportation.
  • The saint of sinners archetype, a rogue with a spiritual connection.
  • The sapper archetype, a rogue in armor, specialist at breaking stuff.
  • The solo archetype, a self-reliant duelist.
  • The specialist rogue archetype, with a long list of roles other than trapfinding.

These additions to the game have been written specifically to work both with classic and unchained rogues.

This books strives to make rogues fun in two ways; by making the class better at what it is supposed to be doing, and by adding options. The unchained rogue enhanced the rogue in combat, but did little for skills—alternate key abilities and changes to rogue’s edge seeks to fix this. It also pigeonholed the rogue into Dexterity—the brute and sapper archetypes show how rogues can thrive on Strength rather than Dexterity. Finally, rogue talents go from mediocre to useless compared to feats and investigator talents, and compared to vigilante talents they are an insult—this book has a long list of talents that are either new, had their limit on daily uses removed, were demoted from advanced to normal talents, or are vigilante talents the rogue can use.

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