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PDF Version
Publisher: Assassin Games
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Size: 3.00 x 2.50 inches
Link Image
Description Edit | History

Publisher Blurb:

These cards are meant to be used with the d20 game "The Fading Light", which has full rules for Chase Sequences (and is also provided below).

A chase scene is intended to be a fast-paced situation, and keeping the action moving quickly enough is often a difficult task for a Game Master. Thus, it is often difficult to run a chase scene in a role playing game, as most Game Masters would attempt to use the same method that one would resolve a combat scene. Unfortunately that results in each character taking their turn moving almost the same amount of distance and taking an action, not to mention the disparity in Initiative that has the potential to end a chase scene before it begins. Thus, these Optional Rules allow for a Game Master to present an abstract way to handle the distance between the parties involved and the obstacles that arise making the chase more difficult and lively.

Chase Cards

The main component in a chase scene are the Chase Cards. Each card is treated as a representation of both physical proximity and a single skill-based challenge. The distance between two chase cards is treated as an abstraction between distance or time between parties in the chase, and may not represent the same distance or time as the space between two other cards.

Chase cards can be represented by index cards, regular poker cards, or any other type of cards you choose. Each card represents a particular obstacle to be overcome. These cards may be arranged ahead of time, or chosen at random, and should only be laid out when a target arrives at the obstacle represented by the card.

The Chase

First determine the Quarry of the chase, being the character(s) being chased, and the Pursuers, being the character(s) chasing the Quarry. In this system, the Quarry always goes first each turn, unless a chase card declares otherwise.

Then lay out the active Chase Cards, these represent the obstacles that are immediately apparent, either because the distance between them is so short that the characters are capable of seeing what is coming and what they will need to do to overcome the card, or because a character is currently at that stage in the chase.

Next place miniatures or markers representing all involved characters on the appropriate cards. When the chase begins, all Pursuers should be placed on the first card, while the Quarry of the chase should be given a lead of at least one card. For example, if the Quarry was just speaking to the Pursuers and decided to flee on foot, they might be one card ahead, while if they are some miles down a road on horseback, they may be two or more cards ahead.

The Chase goes through Rounds, much like combat. The Quarry takes their turn first, and then the Pursuers take their turns in any order they see fit. If they are unable to determine a turn order, they should make Initiative skill rolls and proceed from highest result to lowest.

On their turn, a character may attempt to overcome the obstacle on the card. Each card has at least one method for overcoming the obstacle presented, generally involving a skill roll, attribute roll, or saving throw. If a player comes up with an inventive way of overcoming the obstacle, the Game Master may allow alternative rolls to be used, although they shouldn’t be allowed to overcome every obstacle with the same skill roll. When a character overcomes the obstacle on a card, they advance to the next Chase Card. If they fail to overcome the obstacle they remain on the card unless the card otherwise states such.

Alternatively, either the Quarry and/or Pursuer(s) may use their action to interfere with other characters. If they are on the same card, they may target one another with skill rolls, which includes melee attacks and spellcasting.

Weapon Ranges

Due to the variable distances between the Chase Cards, it is up to the discretion of the Game Master if ranged weapons or effects can affect a target on another Card.

Ending the Chase

A chase ends in one of two outcomes, either the Quarry escapes, or is caught. The Game Master should set the qualifications for either outcome at the onset of the chase.


The Quarry has either put enough distance or obstacles between themselves and the Pursuer that they lose them or decide not to continue the chase. For example, the chase occurs on the winding city streets in the wee hours of the morning as the fog rolls in, and the Quarry manages to get more than two cards ahead, which signifies that they have disappeared into the fog.


The Pursuer(s) is on the same card as the Quarry, and manages to subdue the Quarry.

More Information Edit | History
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