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ObjectID: 255296
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PDF Version
Publisher: Thrythlind Books and Games
Year: 2015
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
17 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

Publisher Blurb:

" I guess the whole 'wear the likenesses of those characters that most fill you with passion' was either weirdness or placebo," Rani noted.
"Well, you know a few days ago, someone robbed a bank and superheroes stopped it, so, not that far off," her friend Lisa noted. "I mean some of the masks do look rather magicky."

"You're not really serious are you?" Rani asked. "Do I look at all like Geraldine Descry aside from the clothes?"

"Well, Geraldine isn't the Hades Oblivion character you get the most 'filled with passion' over," her friend reminded her.
"Are you kidding? She's my favorite character in the anime!"

"Yeah, but not the one you talk about most." Lisa prodded.

"Who else is there? Maybe Illiena, but that's mostly because I want to see her run her claws through..." Rani asked with a snort. "Oh...wait, are you talking about the Scottish bastard?"
"Eric Chaney, yes, that's who I'm talking about," Lisa noted.

"Pfft," Rani commented as she stood up. "I'm heading to get something caffeiney, do you want anything?"
"Nah, that's fine," Lisa noted with a shrug. "Though take petty cash and get some 12 pack sodas from the quick-mart down the street, all right? That saves later trips."

"All right," Rani noted, grabbing $30 out of the till and heading for the parking garage.

Her mind twisted over the suggestion. "Chaney, seriously. The man is hateful. Bad news. He turned that sweet, little violin girl into a psychotic killer even without infecting her with lycanthropy. Then there was the whole Littlebrook Slaughter, putting drops of his blood and having his pack do the same, in the food at that feast so that the whole lot of those kids and teachers would go First Hunt at once and give him a clear avenue of escape when Geraldine and the others finally tracked him down. He engineered the whole landslide affair that kept Keith's mother from being able to feed long enough that her brain rotted and they had to stake her."

The purpose of this collection of charts is to produce talking points to serve as background information to make a piece of fiction or a character's backstory feel a bit more real.

While the charts were designed with the idea of creating animated series of various types, they can also be adapted to create any sort of running television show. All that you have to do is not roll on the Art Style chart (though even there certain practical effects and casting choices can produce those styles in a live action show).

Also some of the charts can easily be adapted to other things. The Space-Opera chart can easily be reworked to an Earth-bound naval series such as the Horatio Hornblower series or something out of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

You can roll on as many of these as you like or as few. If you are playing an RPG and only need a couple of talking points there's no reason to roll on everything at the moment. On the other hand you can create yourself some notes before hand to work from when you want your character to start talking about his favorite animation or other television show.

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