Teamwork (2018)

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RPG Item: The Alternate Path: Teamwork
PDF version
Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
81 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

It's Time to Party!

This book is designed for experienced players and presents alternate rules and classes that are more suited to their needs. Many of the variant rules, classes, feats, and other material presented in this book focus on collective control over things, controlling multiple creatures, and treating the party as a team rather than a collective of individuals.

Overview: 6 new alternate rules, 3 new base classes (lord, shepherd, and captain/squad), 2 archetypes (collective summoner and chorus bard), a slew of "duo" feats, the chimera "party class", and 2 new races (khudal and zyone)!


  • Lord: A noble warrior who doesn't sink to ignoble deeds and rallies servants and guards to their needs! Yes, the Lord uses a balanced version of the Leadership feat as it's cornerstone but also includes things like gaining a castle, fighting like a noble, social skills, etc.
  • Shepherd: A humble divine character who mentors others characters. You watch over your flock, giving other characters power as YOU level up! Think of yourself like a "permanent bonus bard".
  • Captain/Squad: You are a military commander who runs a squad. A squad is a military unit that uses modified troop rules. In effect you are a small unit of nobodies, run by a somebody, helping out on the quest of a lifetime! This can also be used to simulate large military campaigns!
  • Collective Summoner: By your powers combine, you control a single powerful eidolon!
  • Chorus Bard: The more chorus bards in the party, the better they get!

Chimera Party Class:

  • Party Class: What is a "party class"? Well it's "class" that lets every one of your players at your table to control the same creature!
  • Chimera: The first (and only thus far) party class is the "chimera" which has rules for you all controlling a giant, many-headed, chimeric creature! You can play hydra, many-headed giants, dragon gods, great kaiju, etc. Building this creature is almost as fun as playing it!

New Races:

  • Khudal: A subversion of teamwork; Khudal are an inherently "evil" society that still somehow functions. They are the human equivalent of drow, duergar, and svirfneblin.
  • Zyone: Individually a Zyone is a creature barely able to function at an infantile level. They can, however, mentally bond to one another and form small telepathically linked units known as “collectives” thanks to an overprotective goddess. A collectives of 3 Zyones is about as intelligent as a typical human.

Alternate Rules / Other Content:

  • Castles & Keeps
  • Communicating as a Team
  • Companion System
  • Party Dynamics
  • Shared Units
  • Uniform System
  • Duo Feats
  • Revised rules for the Leadership feat
  • Expanded rules for troops.

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