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Pg. 1
PDF version
Publisher: Starry Knight Press
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: S4 MOM
110 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

An Epic Dungeon Crawling Adventure
Compatible with Most Fantasy RPG systems
Recommended for 4-6 player characters of levels 2 to 4

The Dwarfhome Mines were overrun under cover of night.
Many a brave dwarf fell before unseen invaders’ blows.
Can your hearty band of adventurers take back the mines?

Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

In this adventure your players are going to be tasked with discovering what tragedy has transpired at the DWARFHOME MINES, where unknown marauders have attacked the miners, and shut down mine operations. These dwarven mines are located within a mountain range in the human kingdom of JARLBURGH. The kingdom lies in a fertile valley, near a forested coastline, on a temperate continent in the author’s campaign world. The nation is ruled over by a fair and just noble, LORD KANIN, who resides in his keep, nestled above the walled city of JARLBURGH.

The mine has been in operation for centuries. What the dwarves and the humans of the region did not know is that there is also an UNDER-REALM city deep below the mines, a trading post which is a major player in the economy of the civilization that exists deep below ground. While neither side was aware of the other, both prospered. However, the dwarven mines superintendent recently ordered new tunnels opened up, and the dwarves dug so deep they intruded into the UNDER-REALM city of ROCKHOME, breaching the hidden city's outer defenses. A vicious and overly aggressive counter-strike was conducted by the orc steward of ROCKHOME, and now the two leaders have inadvertently set in motion a series of momentous events, the consequences of which neither side is prepared for!

Your party is going to be thrust onto the front lines in the confrontation between the surface-dwelling forces of the Light and the Under-Realm forces of evil!

Are they up to the challenge?


Your players will be squaring off against pig-faced orcs in a dwarven mine, invading an ancient crypt complex, and then battling the forces of a hidden UNDER-REALM city full of evil denizens. Old School gaming really doesn't get much better than this! There are also additional side quests thrown in to keep the party active and engaged!

As with all of my OSR adventures, inside you will find great Old-school fantasy art; detailed Old School blue and white dungeon maps, with keyed encounters for each area; classic hex overland maps of the adventure environs and setting forth the settlements and natural features, with a legend to explain it all; and new magical items, new magical spells and new monsters to excite and challenge you and your players!!


To make the GM and players' lives easier, and in case your players don’t have heroes of the appropriate level for this adventure, this module includes a carefully crafted set of 6 (six) characters for immediate use by players or the GM. Each of the characters is presented completely ready to play with all of the necessary stats and gear, including the magic items appropriate to their level. As an added bonus these characters are specially laid out so the GM can simply print out the page, cut out the sheets, and hand each player their own mini character sheet, and the group is ready to play!

This adventure also includes a group of 6 (six) pre-generated NPCs which your players may recruit to aid them in this massive dungeon crawl, as the danger is quite real in the lower depths of this UNDER-REALM adventure.


An integral feature of this adventure is the included ILLUSTRATION BOOKLET, which was designed specifically for use with the module THE MINES OF MAYHEM. It allows the GM to enhance the players' gaming experience with images directly from the module. It contains 32 illustrations which showcase various encounters in the Dwarfhome Mines and the Under-Realm city of Rockhome, and may be used by the GM to show their players what their characters are seeing at appropriate moments in this adventure. Players can see exactly what their characters are seeing and I think it aids in immersion. Adventure modules have always had such wonderful images inside, which players rarely get to see. So my thinking is that the GM should share the love! I think your players will enjoy it!


This product features 110 pages of excitement and thrills, with players facing challenging battles deep underground in the dank and dark UNDER-REALM, it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere! With three expansive levels to explore above and below ground, this mega module is sure to provide many sessions of dungeon delving fun!! In playtesting it took my expert players approximately twenty-four (24) hours to complete this adventure, and I think a reasonable estimate is 24-40 hours of total play time, depending on the style of the GM and their players.

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