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Pg. 1
PDF version
Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
90 pages
Size: Letter
Link Image
Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Space Gone Mad

Gonzo: Mad Science brings very “out there” science fiction topics to Starfinder*! We’ve got rules for time travel, black holes, mimic spaceships, werewolves in space, all-consuming nanobots, and more! Much of the content is focused on higher level play and delves into a lot of weird topics in theoretical physics (such as white holes, exotic matter, n-body problems, etc) that is only made stranger with magic!

(*)And, by extensions, Pathfinder if you are willing to convert a few things.


  • 3 New Base Classes!
    • Replicator: Command a swarm of nanobots to consume and construct things for you on the fly!
    • Technician: A hacker class that can digitize themselves and create “digital weapons”!
    • Time Traveler: Unstick yourself from time! Shepherd your group through the time stream, take your turn whenever you want, and even revert to an earlier point in time!
  • 5 New Themes! (Devil Gene, Mindborn, Crisisborn, Sleeper Agent, and Family Reputation)
  • A New Race, The Chroma
    • Spiritual humans who, long ago, uploaded a digital copy of their mind to retro, chrome, robots. They use religion-based technology called religiotech; they argue with the universe and, if they are convincing enough, can break the laws of physics.
    • Included is the extensive “macrodeck” archetype that allows you to use religiotech and a whole new subsystem!
  • 14 New Enemies including:
    • Chrononites: Beings made of pure time who are assigned to destroy those interfering with the time stream.
    • Carebots: Bots with buggy programing that were once designed to help people that now try to “help” people a little too aggressively...
  • New Ships!
    • Lotan (Tier 20): Chaos incarnate! The legendary impossible ship!
    • Katzbalder Luxury Liner (Tier 12): Because no one has written a good passenger ship!
    • Death Gnat (Tier 20): When you absolutely, positively, need to deliver tactical nuclear strikes against a target with a tiny ship; the death gnat is your best (and only) choice.
  • Mimic Ships!
  • 16 New Weapons
  • 5 New Armors (2 Powered Armor Plus 5 Armor Upgrades!)
  • 6 Other Items (Including Self-Replicating Cubes And Cryopods!)
  • 3 New Consumables (Including an Addictive Invisibility Drug!)
  • 5 New Hazards (Including “The Perfect Song” and the "Walls of Eternity"!)
  • Rules For Intergalactic Siege Weapons!
  • New Skill Uses For Culture (Fashion) And Bluff (Self-deception)
  • 7 New Feats (Including The Infamous “Hold My Beer” Feat!) & 2 New Spells!
  • Plot Hooks Including “The Machine That Will Come”, Werewolves In Space (With Quick-play Lycanthrope Templates For Starfinder), And More!
  • 3 Archetypes (“Power Armor Wizard”, Sniper, And The Aforementioned Macrodeck!)
  • Class Support For Mystics (The “Communication” Connection), Operatives (The Counter-thief Specialization And 2 New Exploits), Envoy (2 New Improvisations), And A New Mechanic Trick!

More Information Edit | History
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