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Year: 2018
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7 pages
Size: 8.27 x 11.69 inches
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"I've made some paper miniatures for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist! This pack covers all the NPCs and Monsters for Chapter 1.

There are 24+ different designs (i.e. 25), and I've included printouts to get the full quantity of miniatures required for the entire first chapter of Dragon Heist, i.e. if you print the whole thing and prepare them you'll have everyone you need!

Some examples of included characters:

Volothamp Geddarm,
Renaer Neverember,
Nihiloor the Mindflayer (pictured on the cover!),
Intellect devourer,
and many more!
Even Mattrim Threestrings is in here!

To make your minis, print out the sheets, onto either regular paper or thicker cardstock, then cut out a rectangle around the artwork, fold over the white line so the 2 sides match up, then glue the folded sides together. If you're not basing it you should leave flaps open on either side, which you can fold up as a makeshift base.

There's another way to make yours, a bit fancier but needs more materials, there's a tutorial at by Wyloch (not me).

There's actually a couple of ways to support the creation of these paper minis. Please do try to do one (or more! although maybe I'm pushing it there :D) of the following, since every little bit helps! You can:

Buy on DMsGuild, paying what you think is a fair price,
Leaving a review on DMsGuild! Obviously not quite as good as an actual sale (:D) but every review really helps gain more exposure, leading other people to possibly purchase it themselves!
Note: Hyustus Staget is not in this chapter, as he doesn't feature in any combat. He'll be in the Xanathar chapter. If you need him you can use one of the city guards provided instead. :)"

(Author Summary)

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