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Year: 2019
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Product Code: CDT1
126 pages
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Publisher's blurb:

An infinite array of fantasy possibilities …

Endless monsters, treasures, and mysteries at your fingertips.

What will you dream, how creative can you be,

When you’re handed the keys to the Oldskull imagination engine?

Is it possible to distill the entire world design creative process into a single essential volume? Perhaps, and perhaps not. If it can be done, this is the book that is up to the task!

This is the D10000 Chaotic Descriptor Table, a deluxe version of one of my favorite and most popular idea generation systems. The “Chaotic” system has proven to be popular over the years with Game Masters, solo gamers, storytellers, and game designers alike. As featured in the Oldskull Adventure Generator and the Classic Dungeon Design Guide series, the Chaotic Descriptor Table offers an array of 1,000 strange adjectives (Deathly, Bloodstone, Phantasmagorian, Shivering, etc.) that can be used to give unique life to generic ideas such as dungeon rooms, monsters, characters, treasures, and plot hooks. Whatever you can imagine, the Chaotic system can enhance. It does not replace your creativity, it magnifies it and sets an unexpected direction for your efforts.

But where the former system only had 1,000 entries, this one has been expanded to a full 10,000 entries that you can roll on 1D10000 to come up with even more random mayhem! Additional features include named gods and goddesses, character names, a massive NPC personality generation array, and of course thousands of new adjectives. This supplement also includes a detailed chapter of examples, the Chaotic table itself (data covering nearly 100 pages), and a bonus Excel generator for rapid results. These tools are fully compatible with the Oldskull Dungeon Tools, the Dungeon Design Guides, the Game World Generator, and all of the other supplements offered by Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.

Other supplements are recommended for maximum use, but none are necessary. Have fun!

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