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Publisher: Desert Owl Press
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
43 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher's blurb:

The thieves’ guild of Port Regan specializes in burglary and quiet heists. They frown on street violence, which is not good for legitimate business (and therefore not good for their own business). The party is offered a job by the leader of the guild to steal dragonstones from Clerebold Harlowe, a wealthy merchant. This is a chance for the party to prove themselves not only as thieves but also as the kind of thieves that the guild likes to do business with: people who keep a low profile and do not draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Secretly, the mission is also a test to see how greedy the party members are: if they try to hold back any of the goods they are commissioned to steal, then the guild will stop doing business with them. On a success, the guild will pay each of them 250 gold pieces.

The guild has reliable intelligence that in six days, Harlowe will receive delivery of a chest containing 15 pounds of dragonstones intended for the merchant lady Yvonne Voclain, who will arrive in twelve days. The guild wants the party to steal the goods and replace them with ordinary bits of quartz (which the guild will provide) before Voclain arrives. Afterwards, they are to deliver the dragonstones to the smuggler Darden Yates. While the goods could in theory be stolen en route to Harlowe or from Voclain, the guild will not risk the open conflict that doing so would entail and so the theft must be accomplished within that six-day window if the party wishes to retain the guild’s favor.

The adventure is designed to permit two different experiences. Players who are interested in social interaction can rob the warehouse during the day, using Charisma-based skills to make their way past the workers, overseers, and foremen who might try to stop them as they look for the goods. Players interested in an urban dungeon-delving experience can break into the warehouse at night, in which case they have to identify and disarm the traps in the warehouse while avoiding the blink dogs who guard the warehouse. Both approaches will benefit from prior investigation, ideally either by staking out the warehouse or by questioning the other thieves in town.

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