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Year: 2019
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Publisher's blurb:

Gaultry Town in the country of Kramorsh seems to be a nice place. You are strolling down the main street when you are suddenly drawn to a small side street (more of an alley really). You turn off the well-kept main thoroughfare and walk through a small opening. As you make your way along the twistings and turnings, through the smoke and stench a cracked wooden sign catches your eye. The symbol on it is unknown to you but you cannot help but enter the battered door. Inside, a wizened old woman sits behind a low counter. She greets you with a suspicious glare. As you stumble around the dimly lit room, you begin to make out piles of goods both new and old. To your surprise you realize the things are for sale. The old woman cackles as you trip over a pile of old books and papers and fall flat on your face.

‘Buying anything today?’ she inquires gleefully.

Embarrassed, you grab the first thing your hand lands on and mumble, ‘Yes, I’ll take this.’ She spits into a corner and eyes you curiously.

‘An interesting choice,’ she says with a queer look in her eye. ‘Yes, an interesting choice. That’ll be five silvers.’

You blink at the incredibly high price for the small bundle in your hand but pay it over just to get out of there. You stumble out into the alleyway and back to the main street with the old woman’s cackle ringing in your ears.

Once out of the dimness and the smell, you collect yourself enough to look at what you have just bought. In your hand is a loose collection of pages – old and tattered – in a worn leather folder with a strange, unknown symbol on the front. The writing seems to be an old form of Elvish – strange but readable. The front page says, ‘The Legend of the Lost Women of the Stars’. The interior pages reveal the history of the arrival of the women as well as the approximate location of their city (which seems to be nearby) couched in rather vague and poetic terms. A sudden, burning desire to go to this city takes hold of you. You try to shake it off, but it grows until it is near obsession. Unable to help yourself, you gather a group of fellow adventurers, engage a guide and are gone in as close to nothing flat as possible.

The Mounds of N’Losar is a Shields of Power™ Adventure for 2 to 10 characters –1st through 5th level.

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