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Publisher: Demonskunk Studios
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
32 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

Take your first step into the alien world of Aether Adrift with this expansive preview for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

Aether Adrift is an adventurous sci-fi setting set on a world of floating islands inspired by games like Megaman Legends, Cave Story and Spiral Knights.

In the year 2240, Humanity sent out ark ships to colonize the stars. One such ship, The Albatross, was nearing the halfway point of her journey when catastrophe struck. The colonists, still in cryostasis, were launched to safety on an uncharted world made up of floating islands suspended over a dense sea of clouds.

Upon landing on the planet, the Human crew of the Albatross and their loyal Robots met the Mikwa; a peaceful race of bipedal rabbit-like creatures that helped them establish a home base. While investigating mysterious, technologically advanced ruins, Humanity ran afoul of another culture on the planet - the soldiers of the Fulgori Empire

Emperor Fulgor wants the technology of the ruins for his own nefarious schemes; Humans need the technology to have any hope of finding and restoring their ship. In response, the Humans and Mikwa have formed an organization called the Voyagers.

Join the Voyagers as a Human, Mikwa, Robot, or rebel Fulgori. Explore the rolling idyllic landscapes of the island of Elisi. Rescue Human survivors lost in the beautiful and dangerous wilds of the islands. Fight back against the military might of the Fulgori Empire, their faceless army, and their terrifying war machines. Delve into ancient ruins left behind by a long gone Precursor civilization and discover strange and powerful artifacts hidden within.

The Aether Adrift Jumpstart is a preview of the full game that includes:

  • A preview of our fantastical sci-fi setting
  • 7 New Hindrances
  • 17 New Edges
  • 4 Unique Playable Races
  • Over 50 New Pieces of Gear
  • A Versatile new Magic System With 5 Powers
  • 11 New Fearsome Foes to Battle
  • 6 Pre-Made Characters
  • A One-Sheet Adventure

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