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Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Year: 2007
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: LA-HP4-06
145 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

A Two-Round d20 Living Arcanis Adventure
Hard Point 6, Year 4 (1029 I.C.)

A man must be sacrificed now and again
To provide for the next generation of men.

- Amy Lowell

From the introduction:

What begins as a rescue mission for your patron quickly becomes much more crucial as the stars begin to align and Larissa's Web of Fate draws disparate forces together for a bloody confrontation that can only end in final death.

Note: As the culmination of the Year 4 Hard Point Series, it is recommended that you play all the prior Year 4 Hard Points (not including LA-HP4-04 Visions of Lives Past) before playing this adventure. The story of this scenario draws upon events that reach all the way back to the beginning of the campaign, so if you have never played the Year 1 Hard Points, you might want to consider going through The Year of Ill-Harvest print product before playing this adventure (although doing so is not required). This adventure contains several extremely challenging combat encounters, so it is highly recommended that you play down if the party is not prepared to handle very difficult battles.

This is a STANDARD adventure with CRAWL-difficulty combats, designed for 6th to 20th level characters (APLs 7 – 21). Characters of 21st level and above may not be played in this scenario.

User summary:

The scenario is distributed in multiple PDF files:

42-page scenario
1-page Part 2 - Encounter 7B - Battle Map (print-and-play)
16-page Stat Blocks - Part 1 - Encounter 2
19-page Stat Blocks - Part 1 - Encounter 7
28-page Stat Blocks - Part 2 - Encounter 2
4-page Stat Blocks - Part 2 - Encounter 4
9-page Stat Blocks - Part 2 - Encounter 7A
22-page Stat Blocks - Part 2 - Encounter 7B
4-page excerpt from Psionics Unbound
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