Renegades (1995)

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Publisher: TSR
Year: 1995
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25 pages
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The Living City at War VIII

An AD&D Living City Adventure

From the introduction:

The following adventure is for Living City characters only. There are no pregenerated player characters included with this adventure. Some of the encounters are scaled for different party levels. Use the tier chart above to determine which parts to use for your group.

In this adventure, look for the Tier numeral (TIER 1-5) in each encounter description to identify differing narrative descriptions and other details for the DM. If the party does not seem to be challenged by the adventure, exercise your right to “fudge” a little bit and use the next higher scaled encounters, so long as the party is not overwhelmed by doing so. The players’ enjoyment of the adventure is always the top priority, but character death should always be a possibility.

In Renegades, the PCs are sent to rescue several hostages from a group of war deserters and brigands. After being briefed by Lord Chancellor Arvin Kothonos, the party will journey to an abandoned mine in the Sarbreenar Mountains, in order to gain access to the underdark. Along the way the PCs will come upon a burned out farmhouse and its panic-stricken survivors, examples of the price of war. After a couple of minor inconveniences in the mine, the characters enter the underdark and wind up at Rif’s Place, an unusual pub for dark dwellers. It is there that they will find a guide to lead them to the renegades’ lair. The next leg of the journey involves an evil sword and a traitorous conscript, before grand melee is joined with the villains themselves in the tunnels of another near-forgotten mine. The final leg of the adventure, the return to Ravens Bluff, comes after the PCs have rescued the hostages. This last bit may be roleplayed or summarized by the DM depending on the time remaining to her for the adventure. Since parts of the adventure take place over long distances, the PCs may get sidetracked or go out of their way. If this should happen, it is up to the DM to guide the party back onto the right course.

The characters’ rewards for a successful mission include gold and jewels, a few magical items, fame, and favors from a couple of the NPCs that the player characters rescue. See the encounter descriptions for specifics.

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