Liars Abound (2019)

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PDF Version
Publisher: Seraph Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
13 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher's blurb:

Liars' night approaches! The holiday of Mask and Leira, of liars and tricksters, beloved throughout the realms! The city of Waterdeep prepares a vast celebration, with feasts, jack-o-lanterns, tricks and pranks, and illusionists and stage magicians putting on performances. Adults replace the money in their pockets with candy and other treats for a tenday beforehand, and children, both skilled and unskilled, attempt to pickpocket the candy and replace them with trinkets and scraps of paper. If they are caught, the adults can demand a silly dance, a scary face, or other such playful tricks in exchange for the treats. On Liars' Night itself, Marpenoth 30, adults in costumes emulating the gods Mask and Leira roam the streets, feasts are held in town squares, and illusionists perform elaborate shows. This night is the one night where any lies told or embarrassing acts performed would not harm a person's reputation, and kings mingled with commoners in the streets.

However, this year's celebration has taken a sour turn. Two days into the holiday, children began turning up sick with a mysterious illness, and the healers of Waterdeep are baffled. The sickness doesn't seem to be contagious, but is instead spread by consuming the candies pickpocketed from certain people. The Lady Mage of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand is attempting to keep this under wraps so as to avoid ruining her favourite holiday, and so has gathered a team of adventurers to investigate the illnesses. She is giving them four days, until Marpenoth 29, to find the source of the tainted candy, and put a permanent stop to it.

Liars Abound is an exciting, two or three session adventure that inspires and rewards creativity in both players and DMs. Built for four to six players, this urban mystery adventure will fill your players with so much excitement they'll be sad when it's over!

User summary:

The scenario is distributed as two PDF documents (8-page scenario; 3-page print-and-play) and two PNG map files.

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