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RPG Item: Avalon's Solo Adventure System
PDF version
Publisher: Avalon Games
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
400 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Avalon's Solo Adventure System is a way for you to play 5e D&D by yourself, where you get to control a party of adventurers as they seek out glory and great deeds.

The system is usable for:
  • anyone who has ever wanted to play a solo 5e D&D adventure.
  • anyone who has ever wanted to learn the rules for 5e D&D by playing a fully realized solo version of the game.
  • anyone that has wanted to play a solo 5e D&D adventure that takes their characters from acquiring their first adventure at an inn all the way up to defeating their evil nemesis.
  • anyone who has ever wanted to play a fully cooperative game without a Gamemaster sitting on the opposite side of the table.
  • And anyone who just has an hour or two and wants to play a game of 5e D&D.

It’s all here: the inns, the monsters, the treasures, the secrets, and the story!

The Avalon Solo Adventure system (ASA from now on) will offer you a fully realized campaign world, complete with towns, wilderness travel, set dungeons, randomized combat, special encounters, and a story—everything you need for a full campaign of 5e D&D.

Every aspect of the 5e D&D will be used during the course of the adventures of ASA, including combat, of course, but also skill use, character interaction, and the buying and selling of equipment within a limited kingdom economy.

While “solo” is in the title of this system, that in no way means that this is an adventure for a single character. Rather, it is a system designed for a solo Player. That Player will take command of an entire adventuring party and will guide them all throughout the campaign.

The ASA rules will simulate the place of the Gamemaster, with randomized tables governing the game play, providing surprise, and adding variety to the adventure. Since much of the content is randomly generated, a Player can even play the same adventure more than once and the adventure will play out very differently. However, Avalon Games will be providing many ASA adventures in order to provide as many different solo experiences to you, the Player, as possible.

In order to play ASA, you will need the ASA Base Rulebook and one of the ASA adventure books. You will also need the books for 5e D&D.

ASA is made specifically for solo party-adventuring, but it should be noted that the game can be played by a group of Players. The only thing ASA can’t really have is a Gamemaster since the system is specifically designed to randomly generate the adventure. It can, however, benefit from a Referee during group play (although it does not need one). Should someone in the group want to perform that aspect of the Gamemaster’s role, a Referee can add a layer of additional challenge to the game, since a Referee helps to maintain the core integrity of a group game. It might be a great way for a fledgling Gamemaster to attempt to learn how to arbitrate for a group of Players.

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