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First Printing
Publisher: (Self-Published)
Year: 2019
Hard Cover
130 pages
Size: A4
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This game has not been released yet, therefore some of the information above may change in the future. Until this game is released, please don't submit images for it unless given direct written permission from the publisher which must be noted in the image caption.

From the Kickstarter:

Map Maker Adventures (MMA) is an old school, pencil and paper, dungeon crawl, role-playing game. You can play solitary, or with your friends up to 4 players(an expansion for 5-6 players is determined), without a DM. All you need to play is this book set, several pieces of paper, a pencil and a D20 die for each player.

Each MMA book set comes with one rulebook and four adventure books. Each adventure book contains all you need to progress through one stage of the adventure, which includes 5 dungeon difficulty ranks. The entire set will include four stages and cover ranks 1-20.

The key features offered by MMA.

  • No Game Master needed. Play solitary or with up to 4 players cooperatively against the game system itself.
  • 9 Core Hero Classes can be selected to play.
  • Combine all 45 Specializations to create your own Hero Class with more than 14 thousand possibilities.
  • Multiple Development Paths for your heroes by learning from 450 Class Skills and 13 Common Skills.
  • Practice-Makes-Perfect (PMP) Leveling Mechanism fully embodies the theory that more you use it, the stronger you grow.
  • Goodness and Honor System affects both your hero's abilities and NPC's attitudes, even change the way the quest or story is going.
  • Achievements and Reward Mechanism gives the heroes more aide to help them to cope with all kinds of challenges.
  • Multiple Health Indicator - Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, and Sanity are used to represent the hero’health instead of one Hit Point.
  • Attack Effectiveness, Magic Resistance and Multi Defense System lead fighting to sophisticated tactical combat.
  • Random Dungeon Generating System makes every game different.
  • Intelligent Difficulty System automatically adjusts the game difficulty according to the Number of Heroes, the Dungeon Depth, and the Game Difficulty you selected.
  • Over 20 types and more than 400 pieces of Basic Items, combining hundreds of Magic Prefixes and Suffixes generate countless enchanted items - Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • Map Drawing according to the Mapping Table can be great fun while dungeon delving.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine gives different behavior patterns to each monster.
  • Epic Boss Fighting. Inside each dungeon lurked a specific Boss who has unique abilities, skills, minions and own combat behavior.
  • Key Word System offers the heroes a variety of alternative solutions when resolving encounters.
  • Global Quest Tracking System is used to follow the long quest and your choices will lead the game to different ways.

User summary:

The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter by 19 Jan 2019.

The release and shipping date is planned on 31 Dec 2019.

The late pledge is also planned to start on 1 Aug 2019.

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