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Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
76 pages
Size: Letter
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Description Edit | History

From publisher blurb:

Every monster in the Nemesis sourcebook series was inspired by a single piece of stock art. The flavor text and game rules were inspired by the image, rather than the author commissioning an image after the creature was complete.

Return of the Horrors

The next sourcebook in the Nemesis line of fantasy bestiaries picks directly up where Nemesis Unleashed Volume One left off.

The shadow-spinning Umbralobe spider, the cruelly efficient Urrk legions and an entirely new way of using Orcs in your campaigns are inspired by the same literary classic that inspired Volume One’s Emperor of the Burning Eye. Courageous adventurers might risk their lives and sanity battling two of the arch villains of Norse myth: Hela, Queen of the Dead, and the icy goliath Ymir. Christian mythology is similary explored, as you have a chance to match your wits (and your fiddling skills) against the arrogant Prince of Hell, or investigate the schemes of a Black Goat and its witch-cult.

The foul Cyst Trinity is an exceptionally abhorrent example of a hag, and brings some of the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting’s nastiest body-horror spells into the realms of high fantasy. Meanwhile, the Nightmare Artist warps the night around you, turning your very dreams into a death-maze. The World Dragon marries the Kaiju subtype to the archtypical fantasy dragon, creating the ultimate, campaign defining enemy.

In addition to these arch-villians, an assortment of new monstrosities fill out other game-play niches. Aquatic monsters abound in this volume, as do a plethora of new low and mid-level undead, perfect for use as a necromancer’s minions.

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