Oldskull Trolls (2019)

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PDF version
Publisher: Wonderland Imprints
Year: 2019
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
Product Code: OST1
115 pages
Size: Letter
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From publisher blurb:

Have they now come for thee?

Ah, the trolls of Groohlz-Drakha!

Forsaken progeny of Mung the death god,

Accursed children of the Grendel-Modor …

Fearlessly, forever ravening, ever-healing, they lie in wait.

Will your heroes slay these deathly fiends

To learn the gravest secrets of Castle Oldskull,

Or will they merely fall to blood and ruin

As so many have before?

Wonderland Imprints is proud to announce the second most ambitious book of troll lore to ever have been created (the first having been authored by Brian and Wendy Froud). OLDSKULL TROLLS is a massive compendium of troll lore, weaving snippets from the Gygaxian bestiaries, dungeon modules, and tales of 1971-1985 into the larger tapestry of Pegana, Peer Gynt, Norse myth, Scandinavian folklore, the Grendel myth, the Cthulhu Mythos, and the fairy books of Andrew Lang.

Herein you will find: details on troll history, tactics, weapons, treasures, fungal gardens, and lairs; 11 game-ready troll sub-races (bog, bridge, cave, cursed, forest, hill, lake, mountain, sea, snow, and stone); 6 troll-giant sub-races (hill, fire, frost, mountain, stone, and two-headed); lore concerning the foul Trolghuls, enigmatic troll hags, disturbing cauldron rituals, the winsome Troldfolk, shamans, witch doctors, chieftains, King’s Claws, and Mountain Kings; the secrets of the mysterious troll deities including Trogool, the Great Boyg, the Haga-Daimonai, and Groohlz-Drakha (Overlord of Castle Oldskull); a full roster of trollish allies, guardian beasts, and nemeses; and more besides.

This is an Oldskull bestiary of new monsters, as well as a treasury, and a storybook as well. Being a complete unveiling of trolls, hags, sub-races, leader types, deities, and allied monstrosities, ready for you to plug into your old school FRPG campaign. Horrify your bored and overconfident players all over again, with lots of new surprises from the Midgardian highlands!

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