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Year: 2019
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Publisher's blurb:

The Sea Ghost's Manifest contains ten new nautical themed sublclasses, perfect for use with Ghosts of Saltmarsh or any other seafaring campaign.

Barbarian - Path of the Sea Reaver

Sea Reavers are terrible predators on the open seas. Most often pirates and raiders of coastal cities, they arrive with the ferocity of a storm at sea and are just as deadly.

Bard - College of Shanties

Bards of the college of shanties have learned their craft on the open seas. They sing shanties to help pass the time and make the labour easier.

Cleric - Sea Domain

Gods of the sea, such as Poseidon or Umberlee are worshipped by those who live on or near the sea. More often worshipped out of fear rather than adoration, those seeking the gods favor will throw gems and other valuables into the depths to calm storms and for safe passage.

Fighter - Corsair

A corsair is a hardened warrior of the sea. Usually found on pirate ships or in coastal cities, they make their living by taking what they want and giving nothing back.

Monk - Way of the Flowing River

Monks of the Way of the Flowing River know that a calm surface belies the strength of a river's current and that even the strongest stone will crumble before the graceful flow of water

Paladin - Oath of the Seeker

Paladins who have sworn an oath of the seeker are known as questing knights. They have vowed to find some lost relic of importance and spend their days wandering the land and seas in their never ending search, only stopping to help those in need.

Ranger - Freebooter

Natural born leaders, freebooters can usually be found on ships as captains or first mates, where they are able to put their skills to use.

Rogue - Cutthroat

Cutthroats are the hired thugs that can be found in seedy taverns keeping out the riff raff or along important trails holding up carriages and even sailing on the open sea under black flags.

Warlock - The Marid

The Marid are the most wonderous of genie-kind. These large and piscine beings hail from the Elemental Plane of Water and live in majestic coral palaces. Marids go out of their way to obtain skilled slaves and might even be convinced to form a pact with one.

Wizard - Scrivener

Not all scribes and scholars make their homes in stuffy libraries. Some put their talents to use aboard ships keeping the manifest and charts in good order.

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