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Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
Year: 2018
Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.)
12 pages
Size: Letter
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Publisher description from DriveThruRPG:
This Stars Without Number: Revised Edition portrait-oriented GM screen includes four full-color illustration sheets to set the starfaring mood of your adventures and eight interchangeable inserts to arm you with the quick references you might need during play. In this pack, you'll find:

  • System mechanics summary sheet, with skill checks, saving throws, environmental penalties, and hacking guide
  • Combat rules summary sheet with situational mods, shock damage rules, and morale
  • Combat actions overview page, with common actions undertaken in the heat of battle
  • Quick Enemies sheet, with combat stats for a wide range of common foes, along with reaction rolls, morale guidelines, and likely weapons they might be wielding
  • Starship combat actions sheet, for quick reference during the thunder of interstellar clashes
  • Starship crises sheet, for the quick generation of unpredictable catastrophes during combat
  • Weaponry reference, with a full list of ranged and melee weapons to spare checking the book when the PCs start firing
  • Armor and equipment reference, with handy lists of prices for common PC purchases.

Mix-and-match whichever ones you need most for your campaign in the mighty DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen or any other screen that takes US letter-sized sheets. Note that those who need A4-sized sheets can safely trim these pages to fit, as there's enough of a margin on the rules inserts to allow narrowing them a bit. The PDF download also includes a print-friendly file designed for less ink consumption.

So grasp these sheets now! Ease your burdens as a GM and have everything you need right in front of you for this mere pittance. If further economies are required, just grab the free version of Stars Without Number: Revised edition right here, and launch forth to interstellar adventure!

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