Trollskull Alley (2018)

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Publisher: Valeur RPG
Year: 2018
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10 pages
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Publisher Blurb:

Chapter 2: Trollskull Alley is the sandbox of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign. It's where you and the players get to set your own pace, create unique stories and forge a lasting relationship with Waterdeep and its residents. But, as is often the case, freedom can become overwhelming. What should you use from the chapter? How do you use it? When? For who?

The goal of this document is to help you find the answer to those questions and provide the tools to create a fun and manageable sandbox for your players. You'll find advice and embellishments on nearly everything that's described in the chapter, which will hopefully help you DM the chapter.

Meeting the Neighbors - Advice on how to handle Lif the Poltergeist, as well as two small sidequests that'll help you introduce and flesh out the other residents of Trollskull Alley.
Open for Business? - Ideas on how to make the tavern renovation more affordable - and some options for securing a loan - as well as variant rules for running and profiting off the tavern in Trollskull Manor.

Joining Factions - Reviews of each of the player-available factions to help you choose the right factions for your party.
Downtime Options - Discussion of the downtime options presented in the Xanathar's Guide to Everything, as well as ideas on how they can be altered and flavored to fit with Waterdeep and the campaign.

Making a Plan - Lastly, everything is brought together and you'll be given general advice on how to plan and organize chapter 2, so that it's manageable to run and entertaining for your players.

A Trollskull Manor Map - a map showing an unfurnished Trollskull Manor, in case your players want to do their own interior decoration.

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